The HairMax LaserComb is marketed as an at-home solution to the problem of thinning hair. Non-invasive and approved by the FDA for safety, it has garnered attention from such television shows as Dr. Oz, alongside other home solutions.

The trouble with products such as these is that it is difficult for the user to accurately measure results. First of all, hair growth itself is a slow process, so it’s possible that it’s taking place without being noticed. Secondly, a user who has suffered the embarrassment of hair loss may be so overjoyed to see even the tiniest of results that they could overstate the real impact of the product. From online user reviews, time seems to be the biggest challenge facing users.


The product instructions state that the hair should be clean and wet during use for best results. This in itself necessitates that the person has to use the product after showering on a hair washing day. Second, the instructions state that three times a week of use is a minimum, with each session lasting at least ten to fifteen minutes. This doesn’t seem like a long time, but anyone who has tried to hold their arms over their heads for ten minutes will agree that it can be a challenge. Older women, who would be the ones most likely to have hair loss in the first place, may find it extremely uncomfortable to use this product.

So far, no one has posted any actual, dramatic hair regrowth photos after using this device. That in itself should give you pause before you shell out between $300 and $500 for this latest gimmick in the hair loss industry. You’re probably better off paying for a professional in-office treatment if your hair loss is severe or a source of embarrassment. If you do that, you might get real results that are measurable.

Kate S