With this heatwave, it’s almost unavoidable: with enough time spent outside, or even with enough time spent inside doing anything vigorous, you start to sweat. That includes your head, which can ruin your hairstyle for the day. Whether your tresses are freshly colored or you just don’t want to look like a matted, moist mess by the end of the day, here’s how to keep your scalp and hair dry this summer.

1. Try a headband —  Headbands are useful, especially when working out, since these keep your hair out of your face. After all, it’s hard to do a downward-facing dog when your hair blocks your visibility. Even if you’re not working out, with a headband, you can go about your day without worrying about your hair getting messed up.


2. Keep your hair up — Once your face and neck begin to sweat, if your hair is loose, it will stick to your sweaty skin, leaving your locks a damp, smelly mess. On particularly hot days, and especially when engaging in physical activity in the summer, make sure to try a bun, top knot, ponytail, or whatever style you like where your hair is up.

3. Use product — Some hair experts recommend applying a coat of leave-in conditioner and then going about your day. Others suggest using products intended to prevent scalp sweating (yes, they do exist). Try a few different products to find which one works best for you and then stick with it.

4. Avoid drying hair — If your hair is a tangled, wet mess, you may want to grab your hairdryer to suck up that sweat. Your hair may look worse though, or the same as it did before you started. However, with all that hot air, now you’re even hotter. Whoops.

5. Wash hair instead — After a day out in the scorching summer sun or post-workout sesh, make sure you give your hair special attention in the shower. Thoroughly wash and condition and maybe use your favorite moisturizing product. Oh, and in the summer, you may want to let your hair air-dry.