This woman is relaxed and comfortable at the park. Her dark mane has been straightened, but how did it get so beautiful? Was it time consuming? As you know, many women rely on straighteners to smooth and straighten their hair. While there are numerous hair straighteners on the market, the hair brush design seems to be one of the most innovative. A hair brush straightener combines a standard hair brush with the heat of a flat iron, allowing you to brush and flatten your hair at the same time. The heat of the straightening tool also claims to painlessly eliminate knots and tangles. Learn more about hair brush straighteners and whether or not they really work.

Adjustable Temperature Selections

Similar to traditional flat irons, hair brush straighteners contain adjustable temperature control settings. Depending on the thickness and curliness of your hair, you may need to turn the temperature from 170 degrees for thin, fine hair up to as high as 230 degrees for thick, curly hair.

Two Tools in One

One of the biggest perks of a hair brush straightener is its essentially two tools in one. As both a hair brush and a hair straightener, you no longer need both tools to achieve optimal results. Users can also avoid the “chase method”, whhair straightening brushich involves running a fine tooth comb through your hair while using a flat iron. You also save time by brushing and straighten your hair at the same time.

Less Risk of Heat Damage

With traditional flat irons, the hair is pressed between two hot ceramic plates, which can cause the hair to burn if the right temperature is not used or the hair is left too long between the plates. Hair brush straighteners feature ceramic-wrapped bristles that lift the hair from the root and delivers sufficient heat to straighten the hair without flattening or burning it.

No Hair Dryer Needed

Unlike traditional flat irons that can only straighten dry hair, most hair brush straighteners claim to smooth and straighten wet or damp hair. Essentially acting as a hair dryer, the heat from the hair brush helps to dry the hair without pulling too much moisture from it. The ceramic bristles then work to straighten the hair while removing imperfections like frizz and flyaways.

While hair brush straighteners have many benefits, there are some concerns. Some users have reported mechanical problems with certain brands, causing the bristles to snag on the hair, resulting in split ends. It’s important to do your research before choosing a hair brush straightener to find a reliable brand.