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Being a gymaholic has its upsides: you probably have defined biceps, washboard abs, a toned butt, and energy to boot. But spending a lot of time in the gym can also pose challenges for the gal who also wants to look her best around the clock. Go into your next workout with these tips in mind and you’ll exit looking camera ready.

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What to do:

  • Be sure to pack all the essentials into your gym bag beforehand, so there are no surprises afterwards
  • Remove your makeup with good quality cleansing wipes or a trusted facial cleanser
  • Slip into your favorite flattering and stylish workout clothes and sneakers
  • Put your hair up into a loose ponytail or a bun with an invisibobble to avoid creases
  • Pull on a sweat-blocking headband over your hair to stop products from sweating down onto your skin
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What to do:

  • Give it your all! Barely putting in effort to preserve your look is pointless. If you’re not going to work, why go to the gym at all?
  • Use a personal trainer who can ensure you’re making the most of your time in the gym.
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What to do:

  • Shower and wash your face, whenever possible. If not, try these tips to refresh sweaty skin.
  • Schedule in a mid-week stylist appointments to give your hair some TLC after several workouts — be sure to ask your stylist for the best gym hairstyles. Or, ask for suggestions on how to preserve a blowout for longer!
  • Use dry shampoo in a pinch if you don’t have time to thoroughly wash your hair. It will revitalize your sweaty roots and refresh your look.
  • Apply BB cream to your newly cleansed face rather than putting on a heavier foundation. It will cover-up any redness or blotchiness and help smooth your complexion. A little waterproof mascara and gloss, and you’re ready to go!

Stressing about your post-gym appearance? You don’t have to anymore. These beauty tips can help you look and feel put together after your sweat sesh.


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