Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether this is your first time or third, pregnancy is always exciting. That said, it’s also a time of great change for a lot of women.

For instance, if you were an avid gym-goer, you may wonder if you can still work out once your stomach grows past a certain point. Are you putting the baby in danger or are you making a healthy choice for you and your unborn child? It’s time to answer this question once and for all.

So…Can You Work Out When Pregnant?

The answer is yes, it is totally okay to exercise when pregnant (within reason). Obviously, if you’re experiencing complications with your pregnancy or you’re close to labor, you should refrain from vigorous physical activity. If your doctor has deemed you and your growing baby healthy enough, then feel free to sweat.

Emily Breeze Ross Watson, a fitness expert, agrees with this. She recently spoke to about exercising and pregnancy.

She did so the first time she got pregnant and is doing so now, says Watson. Not only that, but she doesn’t hold back when at the gym, engaging in strength-training and weightlifting exercises.

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Which Exercises Are Okay To Do?

Of course, that may not be your thing at the gym. Even if you do lift heavy, being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop doing so.

In fact, you’re fine to do most of the exercises you regularly enjoy at the gym when you’re expecting. WebMD compiled a list of a dozen exercises for pregnant women. Your own level of comfort is all that’s stopping you.

Here are some exercises you may want to consider:

  • Walking or running
  • Weightlifting (smaller or bigger weights)
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

How Often Can You Exercise?

Now that you know which exercises you can do at the gym or at home, you may be curious about how often you can exercise.

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This varies from woman to woman. If your feel comfortable exercising five times a week and you and your baby are healthy, then you can continue doing so. If pregnancy aches and pains have slowed you down and you only exercise twice a week, you and the baby still benefit from the weight control and endorphins of exercise.


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