Swimming laps and poolside crunches can be a bit anti-social when you’re hanging with friends. So when you want to work in some toning moves without advertising the need for a belly blast, try a few subtle moves you can do without making too much of a “splash.”

Lounging Around

lounging-around-poolYou’ll look utterly casual propped against the side of the pool, with your arms supported, as your lower half is doing all of the work underwater. You don’t even have to kick very vigorously, because you’re using the water as resistance as you open and close your legs for an inner thigh workout, or make “bicycle” movements to tone your abs and calves.

Trend-Setting Treading

treading-waterTreading water in the traditional way is a good workout in itself, but you can vary it to target additional muscles — all while keeping up a conversation with friends.

Instead of the typical “sculling” arm movement for treading water, sweep your arms broadly behind you, as if you were doing an exaggerated breaststroke. This is great for your triceps and shoulders.

Do biceps curls while treading water. Because water pressure is heavier than air pressure, you don’t need hand weights to make this effective for your upper arms. Just make sure your legs are moving fast enough to keep you afloat as you do this.

Vary your kicks from the standard treading water “flutter,” in order to tone more muscles in your lower body. Include bicycle, “long strides” and marching motions.

Kick Up Your Heels

When you’ve waded out waist-deep or a bit higher, do a little energetic walking in place. By bending your knees as if you’re marching, you’ll get extra toning for your rear and your thighs. Granted,it’s a bit more conspicuous than some other water moves. But if you’re among like-minded friends, it’s a great fat-burner as well as muscle-toner that you can do while socializing.