Did you know that just two hours a week of walking can add between three and seven years to your lifespan? Imagine how beneficial it can be to do other forms of exercise in addition to walking! Your busy life might make it hard to find time to exercise, but here are five ways to sneak in fitness time.

1. Walk Around Your Office Building

Photo by @bartons_workshop

You can walk up the stairs to your desk in the morning instead of taking the elevator, but did you realize you can also sneak in fitness time at other times during the workday? During your office breaks, walk down the halls around your entire office building. If you live in a building with multiple floors, walk around your floor, take the stairs down to walk around the floor below, and repeat that all the way to the ground floor. Then take the stairs back up again to your desk.

2. Do Wall Push Ups in the Bathroom

Every time you need to use the bathroom at home or at work, commit to doing at least five or so push ups against the wall. This private exercise time will help tone arm muscles as well as give your heart a small cardio boost.

3. Do Calf Stretches While Cooking

Photo by @hilalleighpilates

Each time you stand in front of the refrigerator figuring out what to make for dinner, and while you’re chopping veggies and cooking, do calf stretches. Just raise your heels and stand on your tippy toes and go back down again repeatedly to give legs a decent workout that doesn’t take away time from the rest of your day.

4. Do Arm Circles When Commercials Play

Promise yourself that every time a commercial break comes on during your favorite TV show, you’ll stand up and do arm circles. Hold your arms out perpendicular to the floor and make circular arcs with your arms. Alternate between wide circles and narrow circles for the best results. When the show comes back on you can rest until the next commercial.

5. Get Up Ten Minutes Early

Just ten extra minutes in the morning can give you enough extra time to jog in place before your morning shower. This time is small enough so you won’t feel like you’re losing sleep, yet long enough to give you a real exercise benefit.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out affair that keeps you away from your family, work and other commitments. With these little tweaks, you could start seeing results without even feeling like you’ve made major changes to your daily schedule!