Often, when trying to lose weight, the first pounds will melt right off. These first pounds are water weight which is naturally retained in the body. After exercise and eating right, you may continue to lose the weight you seek. As a part of rapid weight loss, we could experience sagging. To combat this consequence, we put together a list of practices.


Pilates is a fantastic way to work the body all around. For women, it is especially favorable because you can use your natural body strength- without weights- to tone and tighten targeted trouble areas. It also elongates the body, helps you to stretch and relax tired muscles and can whittle your waist down to a flat washboard.


Yoga- much like Pilates- utilizes the strength of the body naturally to strengthen and tone the muscles in your body. Yoga also is a great way to ease stress through meditation and mental focus. For the young and old alike, modifying each pose can ensure that it can be practiced and followed by nearly anyone. It is an especially great exercise regimen for women that are pregnant, as yoga will help prepare your body for birth. It is also a fantastic postpartum workout to get back to your pre-baby body quickly.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Hiring a professional to put together a regimen that is designed specifically for you can be an excellent choice, especially if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss or toning goals. Your trainer will ask your fitness goals and compile a regimen of cardio and strength training so that you may attain them.

Remember also that it is essential to practice eating nutritional, healthy meals along with a regular exercise program to achieve the best results.