What are your glasses hiding? For now, it might not be much, but sometime in the near future, your spectacles could reveal a lot about your activity levels, such as steps taken and calories burned. Well, at least if you have VSP Global’s new Level smartglasses.

What Are Level Smartglasses?

Okay, yes, Google decided to try the smartglasses concept first with Google Glass, but VSP Global’s creation is different. This is simply a pair of glasses you’d wear like any other. Anyone passing you on the street wouldn’t think twice about whether you were wearing normal glasses or smartglasses.

VSP Global owns several eyecare and vision brands, so they already have a solid reputation in the world of eyeglasses. The Level glasses are by prescription only, so they’d be customized to fit your vision needs as well as your fitness needs.

Photo by @drmyeyesbellevue

You put them on and download an accompanying app on your phone. When you keep the app running, you’ll get updated information per minute as long as you’re wearing the glasses. The Level smartglasses even update if the app isn’t open, on a 15-minute basis.

As mentioned, the glasses will record the distance you’ve run or walked that day, the calories you’ve burned, and how long you’ve been active. This information is displayed on the app. Once you start wearing your Level glasses regularly, you can review data over the past week and even the past month.

What Do They Look Like?

That’s probably the best part about VSP’s Global Level smartglasses: they look like normal glasses. They have thick black plastic rims, so they’re very stylish. The fitness data is stored via the glasses arm. There is a concern that one arm could be unbalanced compared to the other, but we’ll have to wait and see.

When you want to recharge your Level glasses, take them off and find the arm’s charging port. VSP Global states that charging takes just 30 minutes, but you should get long use out of them before needing to recharge (about five days). There’s even a Find My Glasses if you ever misplace them.

Photo by Scott Van Daalen

Are They Available Yet?

Yes and no. VSP Global is retailing the Level smartglasses on a smaller scale. If the glasses are a hit, we have no doubt they should be more widely available in the coming months.


Photo by Bewakoof.com Official on Unsplash