Vagaro-How-to-Choose-a-Personal-TrainerNow that you’ve decided to take your fitness training seriously, it’s time to choose a personal trainer. Having the support of a personal trainer has all kinds of benefits. Such as holding you accountable for your fitness goals, keeping you motivated, and helping to ensure that you don’t injure yourself while training. Before you go out and grab your very own personal trainer, it’s important to choose the right guy or gal for your individual needs.

They Should Be Certified

There are a handful of certification agencies that will confirm that a personal trainer has been properly educated and knows what they are doing. Look for a certification from either The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

They Should Be Compatible

Of course you don’t want your personal trainer to baby you, but you’ll want them to motivate and push you. You don’t have to go for a personal trainer who is a jerk. Your personal training is your go-to gym buddy. Choose a personal trainer who is compatible with you.

They Should Have a Good Reputation

Vagaro-How-to-Choose-a-Personal-Trainer-2You wouldn’t hire someone at your company whose references you didn’t check. In the same way, you should do a bit of research on your personal trainer and ask for professional references. If your potential personal trainer has a bad rep, it’s likely that people will be willing to share that with you before you hire them.

Choose Someone Who Gets Your Fitness Goals

If you want to look like Rachel McLish, you should be able to pursue that goal. Your personal trainer shouldn’t hold you back or try to push other fitness goals on you that you’re not interested in. Similarly, if you only want to tone up a little bit, you don’t need a mini version of Rocky’s trainer herding you down an icy road in the winter.

The best part of having a personal trainer is building a close relationship with them. They can be a good friend who has your best interests at heart.