Resistance bands are still great to tuck into your suitcase when you’re on the move. But there are some other portable workout options these days that you may have overlooked, such as “body blades” and smaller step platforms.


If you’re traveling with a garment bag or over sized duffel, you can probably fit the bow-like BodyBlade into its interior. The tool is on the long side, but is flexible and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Designed initially as an injury rehabilitation tool, BodyBlade works on the principle of inertia, along with the characteristics of vibration, to force the kind of rapid body contractions that gradually improve strength, balance and coordination. The manufacturer estimates that the vibrating bow causes automatic contractions in your body at the amazing rate of 270 times per second.

Include instructions or your gym instructor can show you how to hold the tool as you do regular moves like ab crunches and bicep press.


Zumba Equipment

The new generation of Zumba workouts features equipment that’s much for portable that the traditional footrest-sized riser steps and heavy weights. Zumba risers won’t take up much more space than a folded towel in your suitcase, and is less than 5 pounds. For arm work, Zumba toning sticks are even smaller and more compact. Bring one or both types of equipment.

If where you’re staying has a player, tuck one of the workout DVDs that usually comes with the equipment. Otherwise, you’re sure to find a pre-recorded class online.

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The Classics

Trying to make due with a tiny carry-on? Resistance bands are certainly a still a great way to make sure you don’t miss your “leg days” or “arm days.” Or just pack a bathing suit or a yoga mat. Your hotel may well have a swimming pool, and even the tiniest rooms have enough space to spread a mat.