In the Indian traditions, the practice of yoga was more than a physical exercise; it was a spiritual and meditative experience. Beginning in the 1980s, it became a popular physical exercise in the Western world, without the inclusion of the overly spiritual or meditative elements. Today, you can utilize yoga once again as the ancient traditions did as a way to improve body, soul and spirit. Read below to learn more about the many benefits of yoga beyond working out:

It Benefits Your Mind:

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, yoga has a positive impact on the brain. The study said the following “While most exercise gives you a choice to either zone in or zone out, yoga encourages you to return to the present and pay attention, this mindful awareness has been correlated with structural changes in brain, including growth in the prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with executive function, working memory, and attention.”

Seriously Slashes Stress:


Stress is extremely harmful to the body, both physically and emotionally. Thankfully, yoga can slash stress by calming the body down and creating more mindful awareness of the stress within the body, so it can be eliminated.

Helps You Sleep:

Of course, we all know sleep is crucial to our overall wellbeing. Without it, our mental, emotional and physical senses become impaired. Consequently, anyone who suffers with insomnia has a difficult time creating emotional, physical and spiritual stability. Thankfully, yoga can help. A Harvard study found that just eight weeks of daily yoga can successfully help people who suffer with insomnia get much needed rest.

It Strengthens The Heart:

“Yoga can reduce high blood pressure, stress and bad cholesterol, which are all known risk factors for heart disease,” says NYU Langone Medical Center cardiologist Larry Phillips MD. Turns out, there is a good reason yoga teachers frequently say the phrase “open your heart” during a yoga session. Yoga really does open up the heart for good and improve the health of the vital organ.

Yoga is a relaxing way to sculpt the body and increase strength. However, it also has the added benefits listed above. As such, it is a great way to keep the body fit as well as improve your overall wellness.