International Yoga Day will be a little different this year for yogis and yoga instructors alike. If you’re not able to visit your beloved studio for a hot yoga session to stretch the stress away, that doesn’t mean this year’s holiday is cancelled! Celebrate International Yoga Day the virtual way with live stream classes or take it to the outdoors with friends so you won’t have to miss out on the festivities!


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Check Out These Live Streaming Classes on Vagaro

Need help finding om-azing live stream yoga classes? Check out some of our favorite businesses on the Vagaro Marketplace who offer live stream yoga classes:

Zen Riot Yoga Wellness offers Gentle Morning Yoga which is perfect for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. This class includes carefully orchestrated movements, controlled pressure, and well-measured stretches, including range of motion exercises. Postures will be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember.

For a more upbeat class, Social Fit Wellness hosts a Hip Hop & Soul Yoga. Let the beat of hip hop and R&B transform yoga poses into rhythmic flow of fun, cardio fitness. This class combines moderate and low intensity training with dynamic yoga movements that tones and stretch the muscles.

Relax and lay back with Studio Elenas’ Restorative Yoga, a class that rejuvenates your body’s strength! Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to relax and in this class, you’ll learn how to free yourself from the negative effects of stress. By tapping into the body’s natural ability to heal itself, you help prevent and reduce physical problems like headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, asthma and fatigue.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Re-center yourself with Jiaren Yoga Studio’s Kundalini Yoga & Meditation livestream. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a system of yoga and meditation that promotes health, happiness, and spiritual awareness. It is a complete science that combines postures (asanas), movement, sound current (mantra), breath (pranayama) and meditation into powerful sets called kriyas, designed to provide you with the experience of your highest consciousness.

Sunflower Studio offers Deep Flow Yoga which is a slower-paced class that emphasizes alignment, joint mobilization, fascia breakdown, and strength, as well as typical vinyasa (flow). It’s designed to help you strengthen healthy movement patterns, increase strength, and heal/avoid injuries. Deep flow is suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners, as well as athletes, injury rehabilitation, auto-immune conditions, and pregnant students.

Wild Vinyasa Yoga Studio offers Women’s Wellness Yoga that empowers the female body with specific postures and flows by supporting optimal feminine health at every stage of a women’s life. This includes supporting women through their natural cycles, fertile years, postpartum, post hysterectomy and menopause. These postures help to provide energy (shakti) and circulation to support the ever-changing female hormones and female reproductive system.

Looking for a meditative approach? Check out Natalie Stawsky’s Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Nidra class. Natalie guides you into a relaxed awareness of the rhythm of your respiration. This nourishing practice works with our inherent ease and teaches us how to enhance it by consciously cultivating our natural calmness.

Close the weekend with Rooted Yoga and Wellness’ Yoga Nidra! In this class you will be guided through a detailed sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation. The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to meditation.


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Has Your State Lifted Shelter-In-Place Orders? Try Outdoor Yoga!

If your favorite yoga studio offers it, try taking yoga outside! After all, we have all been indoors for much of the past couple of years, so why not get some fresh air? Invite your friends and family and of course, practice social distancing at the event. This is a great low-risk way to bring everyone together.

Check out these Vagaro business who are offering outdoor yoga classes:

The Valley Om is offering a variety of classes such as Move Your Asana and Yoga Nooner around the corner from their studio with strict social distancing rules and masks required at arrival and departure.

Wild Vinyasa Yoga Studio is hosting yoga at the park with live music! Don’t forget to practice social distancing while grooving out to the beat!


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Don’t Forget to Include Your Dad In the Festivities for Father’s Day!

International Yoga Day and Father’s Day fall on the same day, so why not commemorate both by joining a yoga class with your dad! 


While International Yoga Day may look different this year, instead of cancelling the celebration, check out Vagaro’s Marketplace to find live streaming yoga classes around the world. We can still stay connected and come together, even if it may be different than what we are used to doing.