Whether it’s spilling over your bathing suit top, or ruining the lines of a close-fitting t-shirt, “bra bulge” is a problem area for many women. When too much flesh protrudes over clothing around your upper back, or under your armpits, it may be time to add new moves to your fitness routines.

Resistance Isn’t Futile

Strength training is an excellent way to blast away bra bulge. Among the more effective resistance exercises to target this fatty area are these moves:

  • Rather than performing the usual push-up, stay in hold when you are just above the floor, then raise yourself only slightly for another hold. These lower-than-usual moves isolate the muscles you most need to target. Do as many modified pushups as you can manage within 60 seconds.
  • Start by bringing both arms to your sides, holding a small weight in each hand. Bend at the waist until your back is at a 45 degree angle. Next, swing both arms straight behind you, then return them so that they hang straight down in front of you. Repeat at least 10 times.
  • Stand with your back almost parallel to the floor, holding weights hanging down, hands facing inwards, then bend both elbows to curl arms to your shoulders. Repeat this move about 10 times.

Get Sporty

The same basic movements that target bra bulge at the gym are incorporated into many outdoor activities. Not only do they break up the monotony of resistance training, but they also burn fat, which is the other important element of reducing the bulging on your back and under your armpits.

Activities that work your back, chest and arm muscles are key to reducing bra bulge. Virtually all swimming strokes will engage your upper body, but the butterfly and breaststroke are especially great for toning the muscles around the chest and back.

In addition, any water activity involving an oar or a paddle is sure to work your arms, shoulders and back. Kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding –or even rowing that old leaky row boat — will each tone you in all the right places.

During colder months, look for fitness centers with pools and rowing machines in addition to resistance training equipment. That way, when bathing suit season rolls around once more, you won’t be caught unprepared!