From technology innovation to exercise programs, there are so many options to get fit and stay healthy. We’ve been monitoring fitness from the end of 2016 to now and identified five trends that are not showing signs of slowing down soon.

Growing Group Classes

This is the year to sign up for a CrossFit (various cardio exercises at a high speed) or Pure Barre (Pilates with a touch of yoga and ballet) class. While exercising alone is still common, you’re also a lot more likely to see large groups sweating to classes this year.

Taking Fitness to the Great Outdoors

Taking indoor workout routines outside is another trend that we’ve seen on the rise. More and more fitness fanatics find pleasure in spending more time outdoors. You can do yoga in the morning sunrise or just play in nature, rock-climbing and hiking. It all counts as exercise, after all.

Wearable Tech is on the Rise

Technology and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wearable tech has become more pervasive and affordable too. Today’s devices can track your heart rate, calories burned, and can even help you manage your health. A simple favorite feature of most fitness devices  is reminding users to take a break from long hours of sitting and go for a walk. Now that’s innovation!

Working Out at Work

Do you want to increase your work/life balance and be more productive? Talk to your boss. Your job may have health and wellness programs, such as onsite gym access or even appointments with a nutritionist. Better yet, many of these services are free or covered under your health insurance.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This type of workout is meant for those who have a tight schedule with little time for fitness. These exercises require only about 20 minutes of your day, but they’re a tough 20 minutes. However, for that effort, you torch calories.