Visiting a gym can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re a newcomer. Like being in a library, there are unspoken social rules on what is okay and not okay. Don’t overthink each of these rules, but do keep them in mind when you head over to the gym.

Know Your Gym Rules & Follow Them

This might seem like common sense, but that doesn’t stop many people from completely neglecting this simple rule. Know your gym rules and obey them. Simple as that! If your gym says no kids in the weight room, no kids should be present. If you aren’t sure if something is allowed, find out, don’t assume.

Honor the Headphones

If you’re forced to work out next to someone because of a packed gym, refrain from making small talk with someone who is wearing their headphones. Headphones is gym-speak for “not interested in conversation.” Honor that. For all we know, they may rather enjoy their workout listening to their tunes or an audio book in solitude.

Pick Up Your Weights

Finally, put stuff back how you found it. Don’t leave free weights lying around. Don’t put weights up in the wrong place and don’t leave excessively heavy weights on machines. Restore equipment/weights/room to its previous state and ready for the next person.

Clean Up After Yourself

There is nothing as gross as using equipment with other’s sweat all over it. This is a major faux pas. It takes only seconds to wipe down equipment after you have used it. Be courteous and don’t expect others to enjoy sharing bodily fluids with you…it’s just gross!