Tired of spending big bucks on your monthly gym membership? If so, then you might want to trade in your membership for the convenience of an at-home gym. Even if you’re limited on space, there are some tips you can follow to create a functional workout space in your own home.

Choose a Compact Cardio Machine

A cardio machine is a must-have for anybody looking to increase endurance, improve heart health, or lose weight. Unfortunately, cardio machines can also take up a great deal of space. This is where selecting a compact version of a machine (such as a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical) can work to your advantage in a small space. Specifically, look for something that can be folded up and stored elsewhere when not in use.

Opt for Dumbbells and Barbells

Gym woman strength training lifting dumbbell weights getting ready for exercise workout. Female fitness girl exercising indoor in fitness center. Beautiful fit mixed race Asian Caucasian model.

Weight machines are convenient, but they also take up a lot of room, making them difficult to incorporate into a small space. Instead, consider investing in a set of dumbbells and/or barbells, which take up significantly less space and can be just as effective at building muscle. Not to mention, whereas a weight machine only targets a specific set of muscles, dumbbells and barbells are versatile enough to target just about any muscle group you want to work on.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage

Finally, be sure to maximize floor space by utilizing creative vertical storage solutions in your home gym. For example, if you opt for a set of dumbbells, be sure to purchase a shelf on which to stack them and keep them off the floor. Likewise, consider installing shelving on the walls of your gym space for storing resistance bands, yoga mats, water bottles, and other gear.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect home gym to suit your needs. And you just might be surprised by how far even a little bit of square footage can go in helping you achieve your fitness goals!