The sweating, the exhaustion, the…chafing? You love to get your fitness on, but even you have to admit, once summertime arrives, you have more obstacles to deal with. Whether you feel like going for a run outside or rolling out your yoga mat in the green grass, you need to be safe. Check out these tips on how to prevent dehydration, sunburn, and more.

1. Don’t push too hard — There’s a big difference between working out in an air-conditioned gym and outdoors in the stifling heat. Your body has to work that much harder when outside. If something seems off, like strange pain, a headache, or an upset stomach, give it a rest. Try again another day.

2. Fuel right — Your pre and post-workout snacks are essential to getting you through your workout safely. While you may get your protein from bars any other time of the year, switch to a liquid in the summer. Experts recommend fruit as well. Avoid anything that will dry your throat out.

Woman running for exercise.

3. Plan your workouts — Even the most seasoned fitness pro is going to try to avoid working out on super humid days where the temperatures are pushing 100 degrees. Look at the week ahead in weather and try to schedule your workouts on the cooler days. If that’s not possible, exercise in the early evening, when humidity tends to drop.

4. Avoid dark colors — Everyone knows black is going to make you hotter faster. Wear brighter colors. Avoid skin-tight clothing, which traps in sweat and dirt and is awful for your skin. Avoid layers and heavy materials.

5. Drink water — It’s tempting to reach for a sports drink after an intense summer workout (or even during). However, water is your best bet. Sports drinks are too sugary. Only water will keep your body going before, during, and after a summertime sweat sesh.

6. Never forget the sunscreen — Is it bright and sunny outside? Wear sunscreen. Is it overcast and gray? Wear sunscreen. Slather yourself before you head outside and you should be good for the duration of your workout, unless you spend hours outdoors. In that case, you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen.