One of the most nightmarish issues to face for those who are seeking to achieve more defined abs, finding out you have diastasis recti, or a separation between the large abdominal muscles, can be a difficult matter to cope with. Most common amongst new moms and middle-aged men with abdominal obesity, diastasis recti makes it difficult for one to achieve more defined abs due to the constant appearance of a protruding belly. With that said, the following is a closer look at three methods to help you beat diastasis recti for good.

Splint or Binder

For those who are lucky enough to notice this unfortunate ailment right after it occurs (i.e. after labor) you have a great chance of correcting this issue with a waist trainer or girdle of some sort. However, the time for this is limited as this only tends to have a lasting effect if used while the body is still healing.


Stop the Sit-Ups

First and foremost, figuring out what not to do when you have diastasis recti can be as vital as learning what you need to do to fix it. This is because the conventional ab exercises, such as sit-ups and crunches, can often do more harm than good in the case of those who suffer from this disorder. If you have been spending lots of time doing these exercises and have seen almost no results, this is likely the reason behind it.


A proven, 12-week system that focuses on addressing issues caused by diastasis recti as well as ways to correct it, this program s considered a godsend for those who suffer from this ailment. Although nothing is fool proof, many have realize substantial results by simply sticking with this program.

Overall, while there are no quick and easy fixes to this disorder, many have gone on to achieve abs that are more defined than they were before being affected by the disorder.