From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, not to mention all the work and social functions in between, you’re going to want to look your best. While yes, you can do some of these grooming tips at home, this is also the time to call your hairstylist before they get booked up for the holidays.

Not sure what to work on? Here are five great grooming tips to get you started.

1. Skincare Products

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Everyone wants to be on their A-Game when it comes to holiday festivities and nothing can bring you down faster than a nasty breakout. Leading up the event, use a micro scrubbing cleanser every few days. The exfoliant in this product will slough away dead and dried skin cells, giving your skin a reinvigorating boost.

2. Smell Matters

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Cologne or aftershave, when applied in small amounts, is refreshing. This time of year, once the weather has gotten colder, Esquire recommends herbal, spiced, and woodsy products.

Keep in mind that you can go nose-blind to smells you use every single day. That means that while others can smell you, you can’t. Use the standard amount to avoid becoming a dousing accident.

3. Get Your Hair Cut…Often

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To maintain your style, you shouldn’t go more than four weeks between haircuts; any more than that and hair will often start to look unkempt. Always have your future appointment scheduled out when you see your hairstylist. Better yet, book all your reoccurring visits all at once!

4. Don’t Forget Your Facial Hair

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You can let your hairstylist trim and style your facial hair too. At least once a week, tend to your face. A beard trimmer or razor can remove stray hairs and keep you looking fresh.

5. Get Your Hair Products Arsenal in Order

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It’s always great to have pomades, waxes, and gels in your cabinet for those days when your hair just won’t behave. If you want to try a specific style for a formal event, like slicked-back hair, you’ll rely on these products even more than you already do.

Make sure your haircare products won’t make your hair look or feel gunky, greasy, hard, or sticky. If they do, switch brands or use less of the product.