With a new year comes the chance to change up your look. Leave the old you in 2017, and welcome 2018 with a fresh twist—literally. If you’re wondering how you can change up your hair this year, look no further than the twisted tresses spotted on the Spring 2018 runways. Braids are back and more popular than ever, bringing edge and unexpected style to just about any outfit. And, the best part of all? You don’t even have to get a crazy color or chop to completely transform your look. It’s a win-win!

To help give you some inspiration, we decided to showcase some of our favorite braids as seen on the Spring 2018 runways. Just take these pictures to your stylist when you’ve got a fun event coming up, and your hair stylist will surely work his or her magic!

Fishtail Pony

At the Jil Sander show, a braid-pony hybrid took the stage. The concept is simple enough: your hair is gathered into a loose, texturized fishtail plait that extends to the nape of your neck. Instead of finishing the braid like traditional styles suggest, the braid is stopped early with a clear, invisible elastic to allow the rest of the hair become a ponytail. Teasing and adding texture to the hair on top and around the face will give this look an effortless feel, perfect for accenting a romantic floral dress or another whimsical style.

Photo by @braidgren

Game of Thrones-Style Waves

If you’ve tuned in to HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, you know that the braided hairstyles sported by the characters are some of the most eye-catching masterpieces. Call it life imitating art, but it seems these braids have made their way off the small screen and into the real world. Braids inspired by this otherworldly look took the catwalk at Carmen Marc Valvo, featuring multiple braided pieces falling onto dreamy waves. The key is in the creativity with this style—the more intricate your braids are, the better.

Photo by @kevinmurphy.educationuk

Bedhead Braids

Lastly, if you like the bohemian beach babe look, you’ll like what Jill Stuart had going on with her models during September’s Fashion Week. From afar, the models’ hair looked like simple, tousled waves. However, upon further inspection, these messy waves had edgy braids hiding in them, providing ultimate texture. It’s a fun, flirty look that adds some unexpected flair to the beloved beachy waves look, so don’t be afraid to bring braids to your beauty game!

By Stephanie Montes

Are you ready to show your stylist these gorgeous new ‘dos, ready for action in 2018? Don’t forget to let your hair guru know what braid styles for 2018 you’re loving the most.


Header photo by Sue Zeng on Unsplash