Pixie cuts can be the best thing to ever happen or your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the main downside about a bad pixie cut is that it’s going to take a long time to grow out. Where at all possible, you should avoid the pain of this period by making sure you really want that pixie cut in the first place, and then making a solid plan to ensure it always looks cute.

1. Work with Your Hair Type

Tanja Heffner

Want to make sure your pixie cut is pixie cute rather than a pixie cut-astrophe? Work with your hair type. This cannot be overstated, so let’s say it again: Work with your hair type. If you have very curly hair, don’t plan for a longer style, because in the rain or humidity you will no longer have a pixie cut: You will have a fur ball. Cut it short and save the grief.

2. Plan Your Products

No matter what your hair type, you want products that work with them. If your hair is straight and fine, you won’t have humidity troubles, but you might need some product to add a body boost and avoid the plastered-to-head helmet look.

3. Make a Styling Plan

In addition to getting the right cut and products, you’ll need to make a styling plan. The timing of your trims and cuts, your shampoo schedule and other factors all play in to the maintenance of your style, so know what they are ahead of time for best results.

4. Consult Your Stylist First


No matter what you do, always talk to your stylist before making a decision. If they warn you against something, listen. If you don’t, they can’t be held responsible … and you are the one who will have to deal with a lengthy grow-out period.

While no plan of action can ever fully ensure positive results, you can do your best by speaking to your stylist beforehand and planning for hair care afterward. That way, you have the best chance of looking in the mirror and smiling every morning … rather than looking in the mirror and crawling right back into bed.