If you’ve ever gone blonde, you’ve likely used toner. Hair toner is designed to correct unwanted tones in your hair, such as brassy yellow, orange, gold, and red or ash tones. Without toner, it’s difficult to achieve that bombshell blonde hue that many women shoot for when bleaching their hair. If you want to skip the brass and go straight to blonde, you’ll need to know about toner and how to properly use it.

beauty, hair dyeing and people concept - happy young woman with hairdresser choosing hair color from palette samples at salonWhat is Toner?

Toner is a low volume hair color that works to correct unwanted hair tones by depositing pigments without changing the level of hair. Unlike traditional hair dyes that lighten or darken hair, toner contains a small amount of peroxide or ammonia, making it less damaging than regular dye. When toner is used after bleaching your hair blonde, it removes any unwanted brassy, reddish, or coppery colors that develops.

Why Is Toner Important?

After the bleaching process, some orange, red, yellow, or brassy hues are still left in your hair. Toner is designed to neutralize these tones to soften them and appear natural looking. Other benefits to toning include reviving color that has faded or adding shine.

How Do I Find My Shade?Hair stylist with hair samples of different colors, close-up

One of the most important aspects of toning your hair is choosing the right shade of toner. To find your color, you’ll need a color wheel. Your desired color is located directly opposite of the unwanted color on the wheel. For example, if you have unwanted yellow tones in your hair, you’ll need a purple toner.

Depending on the brand of toner used, you’ll likely have to mix the toner with a developer before applying it to your hair. The mixture is left in the hair for up to 30 minutes before rising. The result? Beautiful blonde hair.