We’ve all seen the horrific results that an over-processed hair can produce. The key to color treated hair is proper constant care. When you pick the new hair color of your dreams, keep in mind the following commitments:

Don’t over wash

The more often you wash your hair, the more it is stripped of its natural oils.  This is especially important for color treated hair. Make sure that you are using a color care shampoo and conditioner to keep your color bright.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week will assure that moisture is returned back to the hair cuticle, where it is lost in the color process as well as regular washing and grooming. Heat oil treatments are also good to retain shine and kill dryness. Deep conditioning your hair will keep it soft and keep the frizz and dryness away, which makes your hair look over-processed.

Brush and comb tangles out of your hair regularly; do not over brush

Make sure to condition and then comb any tangles out slowly, starting from the root using a wide tooth comb.  Always make sure hair is tangle free before styling.  Also, don’t over brush your hair as the more you brush, the more hair you lose and again you’ll find yourself stripping your hair unnecessarily.

Don’t over expose your hair to the sun or to the elements of pool or beach water

Chlorine water is especially harsh for colored hair and ocean water can be disastrous to new color.  Especially during the summer time when you are constantly in the water and exposed to harsh UV rays which can make hair appear brassy, it is necessary to protect your hair from overexposure. Protective measures are as simple as wearing a hat or swimming cap over your hair.

Use hair friendly accessories

To prevent breaking and splitting your hair, it’s best practice to make sure you use tangle free, non-metal tips or bands when putting your hair up.  When your hair becomes tangled in these accessories, it can become very damaged.

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