Whether you’ve overindulged in hair dye, spent too much time in the pool or simply have dry, damaged hair, home treatments and conditioners can only do so much. You’ll need to head to the salon for true repair and rejuvenation. Each of the treatments below uses specialty equipment and expertise to deliver softer, shinier, refreshed hair in a single salon visit. Depending on your needs and availability in your area, one or more of the following salon treatments will help:

1. Redken Heat Cure

This in-salon service uses rich penetrating nutrients to restore your hair; results last anywhere from 8-10 washes. Your stylist will start by shampooing your hair, then apply the Heatcure mask to your hair. Once your hair is fully coated, he will use a heating rod (like a straightener) to help the solution fully penetrate your hair. You may hear some sizzling – that’s just the formula reacting with the heat. When you’re done, you’ll have noticeably stronger, thicker and shinier hair. Allow 2 hours for the process and be prepared to be amazed at the results.


Photo by @suiteblonde on Instagram

2. Kérastase Fusio-Dose

Love a touch of science with your haircare? This treatment from Keratase begins with a device that photographs your hair with intense magnification. Your stylist will use this photo to diagnose the problems you are experiencing. Once the cause of your dry or broken strands is discovered, a mask is creating and applied. You’ll relax for a few minutes and let the mask work its magic, then your stylist will rinse the remaining solution away. The result is soft, lush locks you won’t be able to resist showing off.

Photo by @kerastase_official on Instagram3.

3. Inphenom

This treatment is designed specifically for color treated hair and can not only preserve the color, but ensure your hair remains undamaged after coloring. This treatment is a several part process – you’ll spend a little more time in the chair than you would to just get color or highlights, but the results are worth it. If you have previous damage, this treatment will repair your hair; if your hair is undamaged, the Inphenom treatment will protect your hair and preserve your color. Either way, the result is shiny, silky hair that remains the color you have chosen for an extended period of time.

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Each of these treatments will add a small amount of extra time to your next visit and costs start at $30 and up, depending on your needs and choices. While these brands do offer home care follow up products, the treatments above are only available in a salon.


Header Photo by Daniel Rigdon on Unsplash