Who doesn’t love a good kiss? International Kissing Day (observed July 6) was created to honor the kisses that remind us we’re loved. Kisses are a simple, yet powerful gesture of affection that can be shared between romantic partners, friends, or family members. Kissing also has health benefits ranging from the obvious mood-booster to burning 6 calories a minute (which totally counts as a workout.) Here are some easy ways to get ready to celebrate International Kissing Day, so pucker up!

Lip Smackers – Lip Care

Whether or not you decide to leave your mark with a brightly colored kiss, lip care should be part of your everyday skin care routine. Often, we forget about how delicate the skin of our lips can be, and lip care falls by the wayside. Use Vagaro to find a spa, dermatologist, or esthetician in your area that offers “lip facials” or other specialized lip care procedures. Don’t forget to take home products to keep up your new lip care regimen—after all, there’s 364 other kiss-worthy days in the year!

4 Steps to Kissable Lips

  1. Hydration. Chapped lips are often caused by dehydration. Though lip balm relieves chapped lip discomfort, drinking water helps prevent chapping in the first place.

  2. Exfoliation. Exfoliating dead skin from your lips prevents the flakiness of chapped lips, revealing the soft, new skin beneath.

  3. Sun Protection. The sensitive skin of your lips doesn’t contain melanin, like the rest of your skin, so don’t forget to use sun protection on your kisser! Skin care experts recommend lip balms with SPF and UVA/UVB protection for ongoing sun protection for lips.

  4. Moisturization. Moisturize your lips with the same care that you moisturize other delicate areas, like the skin of your eyes or décolleté.

“Eskimo Kisses”

Early Arctic explorers, witnessing the traditional Inuit greeting called a kunik, dubbed the nose-rubbing greeting an “Eskimo kiss.” Similar nose-rubbing “kisses” are practiced all over the world, notably by the Māori of New Zealand and Hawaiians with hongi and honi greetings. Nose kisses are also part of Bengali, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai, and Vietnamese culture. So, if you’re going in for a nose kiss, the last thing you want are blackheads or flaky skin!

Skincare for Face & Nose

Remember that both warm and cold weather can cause dry skin on the nose, so make sure to take care of your skin seasonally with SPF sun protection and moisturizers. Proper hydration is also important for healthy skin, so consider a hydrating spa service. Popular services include hydrotherapy, using water to relax and relieve pain, and thalassotherapy, services using ocean waters or marine products such as algae or seaweed. Use Vagaro to book spa treatments like facials, exfoliation, or pore-refining services to make sure when you nuzzle up, your partner finds soft, smooth skin.

“Butterfly Kisses”

Surely, you’ve heard the song! But in case you haven’t, a “butterfly kiss” means fluttering your eyelashes against another person’s cheek, lashes, or lips. The light movement evokes the sensation of a butterfly landing on your skin. If you celebrate International Kissing Day with the gentle action of a “butterfly kiss”, here’s how to make sure your lashes are as silky as the wings of a butterfly! If you want a more lush lash, plenty of salons and spas offer lash extensions. Use Vagaro to check out reviews and “Before & After” photo galleries to help you decide on a lash specialist. Or if you just want to give your natural lashes a boost, consider using Vagaro to find a lash lift specialist or certified lash tinting service in your area.

Natural Lash Care

Natural eyelash care should also be part of your skincare regimen, whether done at home with lash care products or through a specialized lash service in a salon or spa. Remember to clean and disinfect your eye tools regularly, including your lash curler and spoolie brush. Make sure when washing your face, use a gentle cleanser to remove eye makeup residue. Residue build-up—especially in the age of waterproof mascara! —is one of the leading causes of premature lash shedding and lash breakage. A swipe of coconut oil or lanolin on a cotton ball after washing is a way to remove any leftover makeup residue and condition your lashes. You can also ask your spa professional about specialized lash shampoos and serums to take home for lashes that are lush and glossy.

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