July 5 is National Bikini Day, and all through the summer, skin is in!

The Bikini’s Explosive History

July 5 celebrates the 1946 debut of the bikini, designed by French automobile engineer-turned-designer Louis Réard. Two months earlier, French designer Jacques Heim debuted a similar swimming costume. Heim called his suit the Atome, meaning “atom” in French, likening its skimpiness to the smallest known particle. Enter Réard with the bikini, an even scantier design. Réard claimed his bikini was as “explosive” as the bomb test on Bikini Atoll for which it was named.

Thus, a swimwear sensation was born—albeit not immediately. The bikini’s risqué, skin-baring design made it slow to catch on globally. Though the bikini made its debut in 1946, it wouldn’t be until the 1960s that it truly became a summer beachwear staple. The bikini finally achieved mainstream popularity, spurred by celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, and Annette Funicello wearing bikinis in movies and publicity photos.

Bikini Fun Facts

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Skin Is In!

In summertime, beach goers make sure their toes are ready for sandals and barefoot beautiful. Likewise, gyms have been packed since January with folks building their July beach bod. But the bikini’s true claim to fame is in the skin it reveals. With that in mind, offer your clients a skincare package to get them bikini-ready! Create a package to help your clients look smooth and sun-kissed in their bikinis. Here are a few examples of ways you can use Vagaro to create a Bikini Bundle that makes sure when your clients slip into their “Itsy Bitsy Teenie-Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini,” they look like a million bucks (without spending it!)

Celebrate with a Bikini Bundle

As you may have guessed, the bikini wax service is directly related to the bikini’s rise in popularity. Waxing services aren’t strictly for the bikini area during bikini season, however. Many beach goers prefer waxing, especially in summer months. Shaving can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs, especially in hot weather, and requires more frequent maintenance than waxing. Likewise, who doesn’t want a summery bikini tan to go with their suit?  But with more and more beach goers concerned about the effects of UV rays on their skin, sunless tanning is on the rise. Not only can your salon or spa offer sunless options such as spray or airbrush tanning, but you can also create “Summer Skincare” bundles. That way, you can offer waxing and tanning services bundled together for the perfect bikini look, and customers can take home maintenance products.

Bright Ideas

  • Build a Summer Bikini Package to stay smooth and bronzed! Does your shop offer waxing and tanning? Package those services together to get customers bikini-ready and see a spike in your summer sales!

  • Create a Sunless Summer Membership. Here, you might create a summer membership for sunless tanning services (such as a spray or airbrush tanning service.) Memberships can also bundle together services with merchandise, such as take-home professional sunless tanning products.

  • Bundle Waxing Services. Create a “Smooth Summer” campaign for waxing clients! Create a Membership or Package for waxing clients that includes services such as bikini wax, full or half-leg waxing, underarm waxing, or back/body wax services. You can customize both Memberships and Packages to auto-renew, so the main difference here would be the number of services or visits you want to include in your campaign.

  • Merch Memberships. Get clients who can’t make it to the salon or spa with a product membership! This is ideal for customers who want the look of a spray tan without the service. This Membership feature can also be used to package together waxing aftercare or professional sun protection products. Use Memberships to create a suite of the professional products they want, without the visit.

  • Summertime is for Daily Deals! Daily Deals can be used to bundle both merchandise and services, so you can build the perfect bikini package for your clients! Daily Deals are a fantastic way to boost visibility, get new clients in the door, or offer value to your established clientele. Vagaro Daily Deals are constructed to do the heavy lifting of your marketing campaign. Customize everything from the discount and length of the deal to how many times the promo can be used. You’ll also be able to decide whether you want to limit the promotion to new clients.

Got an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polkadot bikini for the summer? We want to see it! Show us your bikinis or share your best bikini body tips. How are you helping your clients stay sleek, smooth, or tanned this summer? Use #NationalBikiniDay to post pictures and tips to our social media.

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