“I always try to remember that I’ll be the best me I can be if I prioritize myself.” – Michelle Obama

Women do a lot, from mothers to business owners and everything in between, we get the job done. But so often, as women, we forget how important it is to also take care of ourselves. Juggling family, career & basic daily living is a full-time effort, leaving minimal time for self-care and relaxation. But tending to oneself should be a main priority—after all, you can’t pour into someone else’s cup unless yours is full. 

The month of March is recognized as Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day—which is a great time for women to invest in self-care practices & routines. Here are some of the personal care services you can find on Vagaro’s Marketplace. 


Getting facials is both relaxing and rewarding. The benefits of a facial include collagen promotion, cell regeneration and improved blood circulationall which aid in keeping your skin glowing & youthful. Here are some beauty salons that specialize in beautifying your skin: 

Vanity Beauty Collective, Los Angeles – CA

Face & Body Concept, Miami – FL

Beauty By Nesa, Stevenage – LDN


For a lot of women, it’s all about the hair. We consider it our crowning glory and take great care & pride in keeping it looking good. Vagaro has tons of hair stylists that value haircare, and love helping their clients feel their best. Check out a few below and consider refreshing your look in honor of Women’s History Month. 

Vendetta’s Salon, Abilene – TX

NYC Chic Hair Salon, Miami – FL

Serenity Locs and Curls, Los Angles – CA

Body Enhancements

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in body enhancement procedures. From Botox to a Brazilian butt lift, there are tons of options available to women, should they so choose. Most of these procedures are very costly, but there are alternatives. Body sculpting, for example, provides many of the same benefits as a butt lift for a fraction of the price. On the Vagaro Marketplace, you can easily find businesses in your area that specialize in effective body enhancements. Here are a few.  

With Luv Aesthetics, Los Angeles – CA

Smooth Secrets by Mandi Kay, San Angelo – TX

Ammuri Aesthetics, London – UK


After you’ve taken care of your face, hair & body, you can’t forget about the nails. Having nicely manicured nails completes your look and adds that extra pop of joy. Mani & pedis also offer a therapeutic experience, to help you unwind and reset. Check out some of the nail techs on Vagaro and consider treating yourself to some nail therapy. 

Haus of Nails & Haus fo Wax, Fontana – CA

Ciao Bella Beauty, London – UK

The Nail Department, Onalaska – WI

It’s so easy to forget to prioritize self-care. International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month is the perfect time to show yourself some love, as well as appreciation for other women in your life. 

If you’re looking for ways to add some self-care routines into your daily life, Vagaro’s Marketplace is the perfect start. There are thousands of beauty, fitness & wellness businesses available in your area—you might just find a hidden gem. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.