According to Men’s Fitness, there’s a correlation between your skincare routine and how fast your skin starts to age. Crazy, right?

Of course, you want to look as young as you can for as long as you can, but how? With these handy tips for grooming, you can get on the right track.

Exfoliate Every Now and Again

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Exfoliating is important for men and women alike. This grooming practice sloughs away dead skin cells to make way for fresh skin growth.

Eye Creams Are Your Friend

Listen, you might not pay as much attention to skincare products as the women in your life, but you should. The under-eye area is typically the first indicator that you’re tired, stressed, or in otherwise poor health. To combat crow’s feet, puffiness, and darkened skin, you’ll want to apply an eye cream regularly.

Treat Yourself to a Facial Mask

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It’s time for some pampering. Put on a mask and then let it sit for a while, at least 20 minutes. During that time, the ingredients work to get into the skin. You’ll enjoy softer, gentler skin with fewer signs of aging, blemishes, and dryness. You might also notice firmer skin depending on the product you use.

Don’t Forget the Sunblock

Sunblock is not just for summer. Any time you plan on heading outside, even if it’s winter, and even if it’s overcast, you should cover up with sunblock. Make sure you choose a product that’s SPF 30 or higher.

Add Retinols to Your Arsenal

Both men and women should strongly consider investing in a retinol as they get older. This product contains vitamin A and is a trusted means of turning back the hands of time. It may cause peeling and make you more susceptible to sunburns no matter the season, though. It’s recommended you get in touch with a dermatologist to discuss whether retinols are right for you before you buy.

Switch to a Night Cream

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Night creams, day creams…soon you’ll be the master of both. Night creams are made to be heavier. These will reduce fine lines and trigger cellular regeneration. If you have dry skin, make sure you choose a hydrating night cream.


Header photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash.