Traditionally, hair color was something primarily embraced by women alone. Men simply didn’t want to go into a salon and have their hair “done.” Times they are a changing, though according to Esquire. Today’s modern man is more than willing to experiment with various aspects of their hairstyle, the color being no exception. They will also frequent a salon to perfect their desired look.  If you can relate to this more modern way of thinking and are open to the suggestion of color but have no idea where to start, you have come to the right spot.

Choose a Color

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. However, the first step towards achieving a new look, complete with color is choosing said color. Your stylist is likely your most valuable resource for this, so don’t be afraid to seek their advice. Colorist Kara Hoskins of Bumble and Bumble recommends you “Find reference images of the color that you like, ideally a few of them, and bring them in for your initial consultation with your colorist.”

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Pay a Colorist

It is likely a safe bet to assume you don’t cut your own hair at home. Don’t attempt to color your own hair either. Mai, a colorist at Bumble and Bumble warns against using a box of color and trying to have a go at it yourself at home. He says, “Box color always looks fake and flat, and it’s nearly impossible to know what it looks like on your hair until it’s too late.”

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Stick To Your Own Framework

When it comes to choosing a color, stick with your natural style. In other words, if your personal style is generally conservative, you properly don’t want to go from a brown to a rainbow hue or even a platinum blond Colorist Hoskins says, “If you are a bit more edgy with your style, you can be a bit more edgy with your hair color.” She does recommend you keep your day-to-day life in mind as well. She further explains, “If you’ve got a suit and tie, white collar job, colorful hair isn’t something I’d recommend”

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Embrace The Silver

Keep in mind, coloring isn’t just about covering gray. After all, you can easily play the part of distinguished gentlemen by embracing your silvery strands. Mai says, “Men look great with gray hair. It’s distinguished and elegant and earned…embrace it!”

Put the above guideline to good use as you consider embracing color!


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