You go to your barber or groomer and he does your hair just the way you like it. The problem? Keeping it fresh for more than a few days! You know what they all say, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry. And that’s what we’re here for! We’ve put together a modest guide on hair products that every dapper dude should have on hand.


Gel – Find a high-quality product with a light, breathable hold. Bonus tip: When applying product for adding shape or for styling, put it in palm, rub your hands together, and apply from the back of your head working towards the front. It allows you to distribute the product more evenly.

Paste – What makes paste so great is its versatility. Use it on wet hair for a medium hold, on dry hair to add texture, and applied to the roots of long hair for control. If you’re not looking for shine, this one works-it has a matte finish.


Wax – This is great for hair on the short side. Apply to dry hair and style. It usually has a medium hold, making it great for tousled looks. It will also give you a hint of shine.

Cream – Longer styles really benefit from a good cream. It offers a little shine and light hold, but will give you some control so you don’t go to the office sporting the bedhead look. Apply to towel dried hair for best results.


Leave In – Leave in conditioners can calm frizzy hair and help you cut through tangles if you have longer hair. If you aren’t much for a lot of fuss, this is the conditioner for you. Just towel dry your hair, spray, brush through, and go.

2-in-1 – While body wash that doubles as shampoo isn’t the best idea, there are some pretty decent 2-in-1 products out there. You get shampoo and conditioner in one shot. Get a good one and your hair will be touchably soft.


Dry Shampoo -Daily shampooing can wreck your hair, stripping it of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and dull. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to use between washings. It’s usually a powder or spray, so just apply, work through your roots, and brush. It will absorb the excess oil in your hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Exfoliating – Using a lot of hair products can cause build up on your hair strands and on your scalp. An exfoliating shampoo will remove that build up while deep cleaning and invigorating your scalp. Try ones with notes of peppermint or spearmint for a fresh clean feeling.

Remember guys, well-kept hair is always in fashion.