Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make a good impression on your special someone, regardless the depth of your relationship. You might be at the beginning of a promising relationship or deeply committed to someone. No matter what, making a good impression on Valentine’s Day is important. Follow the tips below to do just that:

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1. Dress For The Setting

Your outfit should reflect the setting of your Valentine’s Day date. According to the “He Spoke Styleguide,” denim is perfectly acceptable for a brunch or early afternoon date. If you want to transition to early evening drinks, you can opt for white denim as they are a bit more polished than plain blue jeans. If your date setting is at a nice restaurant, the “He Spoke Styleguide” recommends you swap out a traditional button-up dress shirt and tie for a turtleneck. Pair this with a suit jacket or blazer for an appropriate, dressy, yet unique look. Keep any activities you might have planned for later in the evening, like bowling or going to a movie, in mind. Make sure your outfit is flexible enough to accommodate these settings as well.

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2. Maximize Your Accessories

Women notice even the most minute of details. Therefore, you can bet your bottom dollar she will notice your shoes, tie, pocket square, watch, belt, and any other accessories you happen to be wearing. Therefore, make sure they match the setting, the rest of your outfit and your own personal style as well. This is according to Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle expert, Michael 84. Don’t assume she will be so enamored with your overall look that she will neglect to notice your scuffed up, unpolished wingtips. Make sure your shoes are properly shined up as if you are preparing for a military inspection.

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3. Keep Your Grooming on Point

Michael 84 also includes the importance of grooming towards your Valentine’s Day appearance. No matter how good your outfit looks, the overall effect will fall short if you neglect to groom. A quick visit to a salon or barbershop will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks! They’re up to date with trending styles and their years of experience will get you to your goal every single time. Check out booking sites like Vagaro to find a professional near you. Now you’re Valentine’s Day ready!

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