November is here, and guys know what that means: Time to grow a Movember mustache! If you’re not typically a mustache wearer, your stache might experience some growing pains. Look no further than your stylist, who can help you take care of your mustache during Movember and all year round.

Help You Pick Your Mustache Style

While you can rock any mustache you’d like with the right attitude, your face shape suggests what styles of mustaches will look best on you. Work with a stylist who can recommend a mustache style to you, then trim your baby stache to coax it into the style you want. You’ll get much better results if you work with a pro to groom your mustache than if you try to shave your budding stache into the style of your choice.

Photo by @erickcoutinho

Trim and Shape Your Movember Mustache

The density of your mustache hair also determines its ideal shape. If you’ve got bushy facial hair, it looks better kept short, whereas thin facial hair looks better longer. No matter what length you choose, there will be some errant hairs. Your stylist can trim these and maintain a clean lip line so you and your stache look polished.

Photo by @hairyupofficial

Care for Your Skin

When growing your Movember mustache, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the skin underneath. Let your stylish shampoo your mustache, exfoliate your skin, and moisturize your mustache so you look your best. Keep up with skincare in between appointments to reduce dry flakes and dandruff that can mar your mustache.

Photo by @dakarithebarber

Style Your Movember Mustache

With the popularity of handlebars, more mustaches require styling. Your stylist can show you what products to use to get the handlebar style and demonstrate styling you can replicate on your own. Your stylish can also recommend mustache products and walk you through the best ways to care for your mustache in between appointments to keep it looking healthy.

Photo by @oldfloridabarbershop

Grow a mustache this November to show your support for men’s health issues, from prostate and testicular cancer to mental health. Then keep your mustache looking great, whether it’s for 30 days or for longer, with the help of a stylist who understands how to groom and care for men’s facial hair.