Process of doing manicure in the spa salon. Beautician applying black nail polish on the nails in the beauty salon. The concept of hand care.Much to the delight of makeup junkies everywhere, the nail polish industry has made many beneficial changes. Now longer lasting and durable, you no longer have to worry about your polish chipping off within hours of application. If you’re searching for a great nail polish line that is long-lasting and full of vibrant colors, look no further! We’ve rounded down to our three favorite nail polish lines.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish line is a gel nail manicure in a bottle. This is exactly what you need for a fabulous manicure that lasts over a week without chipping. Not a surprise that working moms and women swear by this fairly inexpensive brand.


On the flip side, Zoya is a high-quality, 5-free brand nail polish line. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of “5-free”, it’s bereft of chemicals that are typically included in major brands. Most say this brand lasts over a week without any signs of chipping or cracking.

Closeup picture of student lady painting nails while studying in library or classroom. Two girls sitting on background and reading something.

Nails Inc.

With a name like Nails Inc., it should be clear that this company knows what it’s doing! This U.K. brand is herald for its collection of longest-lasting, funky hues. They also include natural ingredients, such as almond oil, and offer over 150 different shades to choose from

Finding the perfect polish doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase. Start with the polishes mentioned in this post then work your way towards the brand that’s right for you. You’ll have created your own collection of high-quality polishes with an array of types and shades to choose from soon enough!