A huge concern for any salon owner is maintaining a steady flow of clients. Building a loyal client base keeps your business above water. But with so many salon options for potential clients, you may wonder: How can I make my salon stand out? In an increasingly competitive salon market, how do you convince clients to come to YOUR salon instead of the competitor down the street? 

In this article, we’re going to break down 10 ways to make your beauty salon shine and stand out in 2023. By the end of this article, you’ll understand what clients are looking for and what tools you should use to attract more business. 

1. Have an informative website 

Before, most salons generated new business from word-of-mouth recommendations. In the age of the Internet, this is no longer the case. Potential clients will look your salon up and see how you present yourself online. If your website is bare bones, has no visual appeal and doesn’t provide information clients need, they’ll look elsewhere. If you’re wondering what information needs to be on your website, consider the 5Ws. 

  • Who works at this salon? 

Consider having a photo and short bio for each employee at your salon. They can share their background, specialties and any accomplishments or awards they have won. It also helps to have each employee share a fun fact as this can help the client feel like they’re booking with another human instead of just a name on a list. 

  • What services are offered? 

You should list all salon services and a brief description of what the service entails. Not everyone understands the difference between balayage and Pintura, so you must break down exactly what each service is. This way, the customer knows what they’re booking and that it’s right for them. 

  • Where are you located? 

Tell your customers where you are! This allows them to make an informed choice about whether your salon is accessible for them. 

  • When are you open? 

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you wanted to make an appointment somewhere, but you didn’t even know when the business was open? Be sure to include your op

erating hours on your website. 

  • Why is your salon the best choice for a potential customer?

Does your salon specialize in curly haircuts or extensions? Are you primarily catering to a specific gender with your services? Give your client all the information they need to make the best choice for them! If your customer books without adequate information, they may come in expecting a certain service, unaware that you don’t offer that. Nobody wants an unhappy customer on their hands. 

When you sign up with Vagaro, your listing page can serve as a website and allows you to provide all the aforementioned information!  

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2. Take advantage of social media

Social media marketing is free! You can connect with loyal customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Having a strong social media presence will also attract new clients. After a potential lead looks at your website, they’ll probably stalk your social channels to see your employees’ work and how active you are on social media. 

As a salon owner, you can respond to questions, comments and concerns quickly. If potential customers see you positively interacting with your clients, they’ll be more likely to consider your salon as they’ll appreciate your responsiveness to customer needs. 

3. Ask customers to leave online reviews  

After looking on your website and social media, a potential client will read reviews. Positive reviews influence whether people will book your services. People trust reviews from other clients.   

If you get negative reviews, respond professionally without getting defensive. Wondering how you can get customers to leave reviews? Just ask! You can also offer a small incentive to leave an online review, such as a discounted service or a redeemable coupon code. 

4. Maintain salon cleanliness and focus on your aesthetic 

Imagine you walked into a salon with plain walls, harsh lighting and no character. It might feel cold and clinical, which can cause discomfort. On the flip side, imagine walking into a very dirty and disorganized salon. Be sure to keep your salon clean while maintaining a relaxing & inviting vibe. You don’t have to go overboard on decorating, but keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Choose a color scheme (remember: colors invoke emotions, so do your research) 
  • Consider the type of lighting you have & adjust accordingly 
  • Make use of mirrors for both function & to open up the space 
  • Maintain spatial flow instead of making the salon feel closed or boxed off 
  • Use plants for a light, natural vibe 
  • Set up a selfie station as both a fun activity for clients & an opportunity to showcase your work 

5. Set your prices to be competitive and fair 

Unfortunately, there’s no magic rule to setting prices. However, there are some things to keep in mind while deciding how to price your services. Consider typical operating costs and start by setting a price that will allow you to continue operating comfortably. Then, take into account the stylist’s education level and experience. It’s reasonable for a more senior staff member to have a higher price for their services. 

If you’re concerned your prices are too low or too high, do market research. See what other salons are doing and adjust your pricing accordingly. 


6. Offer opportunities for employees to advance their skills 

Potential clients are more likely to trust a stylist with more education or certifications. If you can offer your employees access to programs to advance or diversify their skill set, you should. For example, if a stylist can get certified to give curly haircuts, you suddenly have a new client type that can come in for services, generating more revenue. Offering employees growth opportunities will, in turn, help your salon business grow. 

7. Share and celebrate accolades 

If your salon or one of your employees wins an award, brag about it! Show off your accomplishments. When potential clients see your salon is award-winning, they’ll be intrigued. They’ll think, “If this salon has all these accolades, they MUST be good!” and be more compelled to book.  


8. Focus on the customer experience 

A positive customer experience begins the moment a client books with you. It can be intimidating for a client to try a new salon. They may not know what to expect and may be nervous about trusting someone new to do their hair, nails or another beauty service. Put your customers at ease by offering water, giving them the Wi-Fi password, asking if they need anything or simply pointing them toward the restroom. During services, communication should be open between the service provider & client. keep communication open between the service provider and the client. Ask questions to ensure they feel comfortable. 

When clients feel like their needs are being met and are well taken care of, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews, spread the word about your salon and return for future services. 

9. Create a positive work environment 

Clients pick up on negativity. If your staff is experiencing conflict, this may create tensions that clients will detect. In turn, this will make them uncomfortable and less likely to return. As a salon owner, practice conflict resolution and team building to make staff members feel connected to one another. 

Give employees praise to show them that you value their hard work. Avoid micromanaging and trust your staff to do their job. Building a positive work environment creates happy employees. Happy employees create happy clients! 

10. Get salon software that’s easy for you and your clients to use 

Take the stress out of running your salon by signing up for Vagaro, the best all-in-one software solution. Your clients will appreciate the easy booking capabilities that allow them to schedule appointments at any time. On your Vagaro page, clients can see your services, staff members and operating hours. 

You can schedule notifications to automatically remind clients about their appointment, which cuts down on no-shows significantly. You’ll be able to automate rent & fees, process credit card payments and use email & text marketing to communicate with your existing clients, making them feel appreciated and more likely to return. 

Make Your Salon Stand Out with Help from Vagaro 

The beauty industry is extremely competitive. Especially in areas where there are many competing salons, it’s important to take steps to make sure that your salon stands out. In this article, we reviewed 10 ways to make your salon stand out so you can build a loyal customer base. If you’re interested in learning more about our marketing tips, we have a guide to DIY marketing to help you get started. Curious how you can improve your social media skills? We also have a guide for creating engaging and effective social media posts. 

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