Marketing is essential to the growth of any business. As the wellness industry continues to grow, more people will begin to enter the industry. With that comes more competition. Excellent marketing allows you to stand out from your competitors and attract new clients to your spa or wellness business. But if you don’t have experience in marketing, getting started can seem intimidating. However, a simple, yet effective marketing plan doesn’t require extensive training in the field. 

As a spa or wellness center owner, you already work hard to get clients to purchase your services and products. By definition, marketing is “the action of promoting and selling products or services…including advertising.” Now, it’s time to take your wellness business to the next level with 11 spa marketing ideas you can implement to engage existing clients and find new ones.  


1. Set up your Google Business Profile 

Let’s do a quick experiment. Google “spas near me.” Does your spa show up? If not, you need to sign up for a Google Business Profile. This free profile increases your visibility on searches for local businesses. With a Google Business Profile, you’ll be able to respond to online reviews and attract potential clients looking to support wellness businesses in their area. 


2. Have an informative & appealing website 

Whether a client finds your spa through a Google search, a social media ad or a friend’s recommendation, they’ll most likely end up on your website. Potential clients will judge a business’s credibility based on its website’s appearance. If your website lacks essential information like your location, hours & contact information, or it lacks visual finesse, you’re losing out on new customers. 

You don’t need to be a coding expert to have a visually appealing website. Build your own website with tools like Squarespace or Wix. With a Vagaro account, you can customize our webpage builder to fit your spa’s aesthetic. The add-on takes care of the basics of an effective website. 

If you don’t want a full website, Vagaro offers an excellent option that can still drive traffic to your business! When you sign up for Vagaro, you’ll get a FREE listing page that gives potential clients all the information they need to book services with you. You can add images to show off your spa’s vibe. The best part? Potential clients are able to quickly book from your Vagaro page! 


3. Offer online booking 

Part of the appeal of the Internet is how accessible everything is. When you give clients the option to book online, they’re more likely to book with you. They can schedule an appointment whenever it’s convenient for them. Instead of hopping on the phone or playing phone tag, they can input their desired date and time and let your booking software do the work. Vagaro has an easy online booking system to streamline the booking experience. 

4. Send a newsletter 

Email marketing is our next spa marketing idea and an effective way to connect with existing clients and run spa promotions. A newsletter allows you to share updates with your loyal clients, offer skin care routine advice & insight or share exclusive offers with newsletter subscribers. If you want to connect with clients who you may not have seen in a bit, you can connect with them through a newsletter which may remind them you’re excited to welcome them back to your wellness business when they’re ready.  


5. Utilize social media  

Social media is a free and incredibly effective marketing tool! To increase reach on social platforms, you can choose to run paid options, like Facebook Ads. Social media allows you to quickly connect with existing clients, which will entice potential clients to give you a try. 

On your social media accounts, respond & interact with your loyal customers and highlight the fantastic work of your employees. Having an active social media presence appeals to new customers because they can get a feel for your business before ever walking through your doors. You’re more likely to attract new clients if you are engaged and have positive interactions on social media. 


6. Solidify your branding 

Before creating a marketing strategy, decide on your brand’s voice, logo and colors, among other things. Then, use your brand logo on gift cards, business cards and your website.  

Want more brand visibility? Consider a branded app! A branded app allows clients to book online, buy products from your online store and manage their customer profiles, all while surrounded by your branding. Vagaro offers a Branded App, created by talented designers who work with you to create an app that best represents your wellness business. 

7. Run promotions 

Seasonal promotions are a clever way to run promotions at certain times in the year when you predict there will be a slump in spa traffic. They’re also an excellent way to encourage new customers to try out your spa services and bring back familiar faces.  

Consider running ongoing promotions, like a student or educator discount, to attract new clientele from specific groups to frequent your spa. 

A loyalty program encourages customers to return to your business to earn points or rewards that can be redeemed during a future visit. For example, you could have a loyalty program that rewards customers who come back five times with a discounted service of their choice. 


8. Leverage keywords & hashtags 

A little research can go a long way. When you’re creating social media posts, do some research to see which hashtags are most relevant to your spa services. Go for relevant hashtags. If you want to try and rank for SEO keywords for blogs or your website, research which keywords will drive the most traffic to your site. Continually create high-quality content to appeal to the algorithms that will determine whether you will be successful in your SEO efforts. 


9. Ask for reviews 

Think about the last time you decided to try a new hair salon or a restaurant. Did you read the reviews before making your decision? You likely opted for a business with positive ratings and reviews. Similarly, potential clients are more likely to book with your spa if they see positive online reviews from existing clients. 

Wondering how to get your customers to write a review? Just ask! A happy client is likely to leave a positive review. You may also consider incentivizing by offering a token of appreciation, like a small discount on a service. 

If you do receive negative reviews, reply professionally and with grace. Potential clients will be more likely to trust you if you can admit your faults and work with an unhappy customer to find a solution instead of becoming accusatory or defensive. 


10. Make your storefront aesthetically pleasing  

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, potential clients will judge your spa based on its outward appearance. Your storefront is the first thing your clients will see. It can also attract new clients who are walking by your location. Remember: This is the face of your business. 

11. Get feedback from clients 

Curious if your customers are happy with the services they receive in your spa? Wondering if your spa is as welcoming & inviting as you think it is? Ask your clients to provide feedback! Following an appointment, send them a feedback form to provide their opinion on the service, space and overall experience of being in your spa. Vagaro makes it easy to create and send forms. 


Attract New Clients with Innovative Marketing  

After reading this article, you know 11 spa marketing ideas to promote your spa or wellness business. Don’t try to tackle every single point on this list at once; take your time and focus on building quality marketing materials that will generate leads and produce more revenue.  

If you want to jump into creating a marketing plan, download our 7-step guide to creating an impactful marketing strategy. Since social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available totally free, consider downloading our guide on creating effective & engaging social media posts.  

Some of the most effective marketing tools on this list are available through Vagaro, the all-in-one software solution for spas. With a FREE Marketplace where new customers can find you, and marketing tools to help you get seen & get paid, Vagaro has what you need to kickstart your strategy. Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and discover how Vagaro makes business better!