It’s the 21st century, and Barbie’s re-invented herself again! March 9 is National Barbie Day. And to quote Selena Gomez: Wow — look at her now! Since her official debut in 1959, Barbie’s held over 200 careers, constantly inspiring children to dream big. She’s been everything from a doctor to a paratrooper, a business executive and a paleontologist—all that in just 60 years! Barbie has gone through dozens of trendsetting looks and vocations, but what’s been a constant is that she’s an iconic representation of how American children see themselves and dream about their future. This year, the new Barbie is teaching young kids the value of meditation, physical well-being, and self-care. Essentially, how to take time for yourself—a lesson that even the big kids can benefit from! Here are 5 lessons we can learn from the new Wellness Barbie!


1. Work It Out


Fitness Barbie with accessories
Image via Mattel


Icon of a yoga matThe CDC reports that less than 24% of children get an hour of physical activity daily. What’s worse: that percentage doesn’t get better as kids get older. Less than 5% of adults get 30 minutes of daily physical activity, and only about 1 in 3 get the 2.5 hours of the recommended weekly activity. While playing with a doll dressed in workout gear may seem like another sedentary activity, there’s something Barbie can teach little kids (and big kids, too!) about recharging through physical movement. Fitness Barbie comes with a hula hoop, yoga mat, and weights, re-enforcing the idea that there are a lot of ways to be physically active, and it’s up to every person to find what kind of movement feels right for them. Fitness Barbie also comes with an impressively scaled water bottle, meaning that Barbie knows the benefits of staying hydrated after a workout!  

2. Just Breathe



Breathe with Me Barbie and accessories
Image via Mattel


Breathe with Me Barbie has a little something to teach everyone (kids and adults alike) about meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness. It should come as no shock that the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey showed that chronic stress in America is at epidemic levels. And kids are feeling the pressure, too. More kids than ever before live with chronic stress levels that aren’t healthy for anyone—child or adult! Which brings us to a life lesson we can learn from Breathe with Me Barbie. Meditation—even just 30 seconds of it! —can improve both your mood and your physical fitness. Barbie walks kids through 30-second guided meditations (co-created with the meditation and mindfulness app Headspace.) So maybe instead of springing for a pricey app, treat yourself to a new Barbie. After all, then you’ll have two kinds of stress-busting benefits: 5 different 30-second guided meditations, and you’ll be tapping back into the simple joy of play.

3. There’s Nothing a Good Hot Soak Can’t Fix



Fizzy Bath Barbie with accessories
Image via Mattel


Picture this: a decadent bathtub, a rejuvenating mud mask, fizzy bath bombs, and cucumber eye circles. A few strategically placed succulents, the soft glow of scented candles, and a long, hot soak, reclining on a neck pillow, reading a glossy magazine…it doesn’t get more #SelfCareSunday than that! Joking aside, the Fizzy Bath Barbie teaches us that bath time is a way to take care of your inner self while also cleaning your body (which might be helpful for parents of bath-resistant kids.) Some might argue that you don’t need to buy pricey bath bombs and Instagram-worthy bath accessories for self-care. And that’s true! But what Fizzy Bath Barbie can teach us is that setting aside the time to lounge in the bath, soaking your stress away while you read, listen to music, do some bathtub yoga, or meditate is itself a luxury. In a world that’s go-go-go, soaking in a bath is a very slow-slow-slow activity that we can prioritize, with or without the fizzy bath bombs.

4. Relax, Chill Out, & Unwind



Relaxation Barbie and accessories
Image via Mattel


Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans doesn’t get enough sleep? The problem is so bad that the CDC has called the American insomnia issue an epidemic. And for many people, stress is a major contributor to the inability to go to sleep (or to stay asleep.) An ongoing lack of sleep can go on to create a domino effect on a person’s health. Relaxation Barbie can teach kids (and their over-stressed families) the value of enjoying a little “me time” and unwinding from the demands of the day. So spend some of your “coming home time” in a pair of comfy PJs and slippers with your journal and a cozy, warm drink. Then, when you’re all relaxed, put on your sleep mask and tuck in for some much-needed beauty rest. Guaranteed you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and revived, ready to face another day.

5. Don’t Stress, Do Your Best, & Forget the Rest (And Get a Puppy)



Face Mask Barbie and accessories
Image via Mattel


It’s never too early—or too late! –to learn about the importance of self-care, and to make time for it in your life. Try a 30-second meditation (guided or not) or an endorphin-energizing workout (in a gym or at home). Follow it up with a long, hot bath (no fizzy bath bombs required, unless that’s your thing). Or simply reminding yourself to unwind and decompress after your workday. These simple wellness lessons are where we can all take a cue from Barbie and find a way to fit some of them in. And one last lesson we can learn from wellness Barbie? Every Barbie comes with a puppy, and several studies show there’s a wellness connection between pets and their owners. Don’t underestimate the positive impact a furry friend can have on your mood, your physical fitness, and your overall sense of well-being! While we may not have Barbie’s Dream House or pink Corvette (yet!), we can take a few lessons from her when it comes to self-care.

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