We talk about customer service, but do we understand exactly what it is we are offering our clients? Clients pay our salaries and our business costs. In return, we provide superior customer service through recognizing client needs and recommending services, products and education to meet those needs. Let’s dive into what builds excellent service.

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1.Build Rapport with your Clients

Customers don’t buy products, they buy stories, good feelings and solutions to their problems. Use your empathy and anticipate your clients’ needs. Making them feel important and appreciated is a surefire way of getting them to come back time and time again. Clients are sensitive and will know whether you really care about them. Remember to use their names whenever possible and thank them every chance you get! The more you know your clients, the more you will be able to satisfy their needs.

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2. Know your Service Menu and Inventory

If you don’t know your inventory or service menu well enough to make professional recommendations, you’re preventing yourself from providing great service. Your clients rely on your expert advice when it comes to solving their problems and making buying decisions. When they realize how resourceful you are, they’ll be back for more recommendations for services and products!

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3. Acknowledge your Mistakes

Gaining client loyalty and trust also means knowing how to apologize with grace. This is the service industry and things can go wrong even at the best of times! Have systems in place that handle any issue and deal with problems immediately. Show your clients that you value their voice by making it easy to voice concerns on an end-of-service Feedback Form. Hearing negative feedback can feel terrible, but it gives us an opportunity to improve!

4. Guide Clients through your Booking Method

If your business has a booking system in place, make sure that your clients understand your process. Take the time to explain your re-booking procedures and how each service is orchestrated. This gives the idea that you care about their issues and that you’re eager to help them again.

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5.Treat your Staff

Finally, treat your staff as your number one customer. When they feel valued, they’ll be more motivated to make your clients feel appreciated as well. A happy team means happy customers who will return to your business. Appreciation starts at the top.

The word “service” means something different to everyone, but in this industry, the most important definition is putting someone else’s needs ahead of our own. Impress your clients by going above and beyond and give them what they won’t get anywhere else.

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