The best time of the year is also the busiest for salon, spa, and fitness professionals. Although the holiday season presents many opportunities for businesses to market to customers, it can be a challenge to get a customer’s attention. But with Vagaro, you have an advantage over your competitors. Check out these five ways to boost your revenue using one of the best scheduling systems.

1. Attract Potential New Clients with Get Featured

Gaining new clientele is a top priority for growing businesses during the holidays. This requires huge promotional efforts that many businesses don’t have the time to do. To minimize the amount of time it takes to attract more clients, take advantage of Vagaro’s Get Featured and Daily Deals features.

Last year, more than 5 million appointments were booked through Vagaro’s homepage and booking app every month. This number is expected to rise during the festive season. Enable Get Featured and your business is promoted on the Vagaro homepage. Clients who visit or open the Vagaro booking app will see your business first.

2. Convert Potential New Clients with Daily Deals

Once you get a client’s attention, it’s good to give them an incentive to book with your business. The Daily Deals feature by Vagaro not only highlights and promotes amazing classes and services, it also assists with capturing potential clients. Daily Deals puts more cash in your wallet and gives you an opportunity to turn new customers into loyal clients.

3. Avoid Getting Left in the Cold with Waitlist

With the Holidays already being busy as it is, the last thing businesses need is the additional stress of last-minute cancellations. When someone cancels an appointment at the last minute, this puts more pressure to fill that empty slot! If that slot isn’t filled, you miss out on the cashflow. With Vagaro’s automated Waitlist feature, you can eliminate that stress!

An automatic notification is sent to waitlisted clients, urging them to book within a time frame set by the business. Clients can also waitlist themselves when they book online. The time spent looking to secure a last-minute appointment is given back, allowing you to focus on bigger tasks at hand.

4. Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind with Email Marketing

With so much happening during the busy season, it’s easy to forget to book appointments and classes. Email Marketing is a flexible way to stay on top of your game. With Vagaro’s Email Marketing tool, your promotions are sent straight to your customers’ inbox. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve reached your target audience with a click of a button. You also can choose from a range of high-quality templates to entice customers to book with your business and to stay relevant with current festivities.

5. Increase Holiday Sales with Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Nothing gets clients in a jollier mood than giving presents. And nothing gets businesses in a jollier mood like making more money! Get the best of both worlds by enabling customers to purchase Gift Cards and Gift Certificates from your business. Your clients already love what you have to offer and giving them the chance to share those experiences with loved ones can boost sales.

At Vagaro, we understand the need to balance increasing sales along with building client relationships. Make the most out of the Holiday season using our cost-effective and easy-to-use software. The rewards can be great with just a little planning!

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