Halloween has come and gone, signalling the beginning of the festive shopping season. Just getting your business logistically prepped for the next two months takes tremendous planning and effort. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan your Christmas and New Year marketing strategy.  

From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to generate buzz and maximise profit this upcoming season. The trend over the last several years is for consumers to start their festive shopping earlier, so, the sooner you begin coordinating your marketing plan, the better. Below are 6 marketing ideas to prepare you. 


Salon's online store productsSet Up Your Online Store 

Shoppers typically begin their purchasing online. Make sure that your website is optimised for e-commerce and that your online store features plenty of deals geared toward Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other promotional days. What could these look like? Any combination of products, services, classes, memberships and gift cards. Here are some basic examples: 

  • Bundle hair, makeup and skin products into holiday gift sets (shampoo and conditioner box sets, hair or skin tools, etc.) 
  • Give out free, mini-sized products or samples with full-sized product purchases.  
  • Give customers who spend £50 or more on products 20% off their next purchase or service.  
  • Buy-one, get-one-free (BOGO) services or products. Market these as “buy-one-for-you, get-one-as-a-gift,” and possibly include something you’re trying to clear from your inventory. 
  • Offer free shipping for online orders. 

These deals will change frequently over the next two months, so you’ll need to keep track of what sells and what doesn’t. Vagaro customers can manage their online stores from any device, track inventory levels, view product sales analytics and more—anytime, anywhere. 


Kick Off Your Festive Social Media Campaign 

Consumers are always searching Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for great deals and gift ideas. The right social media marketing strategy can boost sales by engaging with current and potential customers alike. Some elements include:Beautiful woman's nails with beautiful Christmas manicure

  • Contests & Giveaways: Design a contest that encourages participants to engage with your social media accounts for a chance to win a prize. Examples include having your clients create the perfect festive season hair, or the best nails or makeup. Keep the rules simple and be sure that participants tag you, using your business’s hashtag, driving traffic back to your page.
  • Livestreaming & Events: Use Facebook Live videos to update your followers about new products or services you’re offering this upcoming season. Organising a holiday-themed event with Facebook’s event feature is another fantastic way to connect with new clients. Be sure to design the event around a certain theme (“De-Stress Massage & Facial,” “New Year’s Eve Party Prep,” etc.) and schedule it far enough in advance so clients can plan & book. 
  • Photo Sharing: Show your spirit by sharing photos of you and your staff decorating, celebrating during a party, or hosting a charity event or fundraiser. As you post, be mindful of the different festivities being celebrated by your customer base. 
  • Partnering With Micro-InfluencersSpending on influencer marketing can get high and we know that you’re on a budget. But collaborating with micro-influencers (those with 10,000 or fewer followers) whose audience overlaps with your target market is affordable and hugely beneficial. Reward them with discounted or free services and some reciprocal tagging. Pro tip: be sure to provide influencers with your products or services before the promotion begins!
  • Releasing Relevant Timely Content: Think about what current and future clients might like to see right now. Moisturising tips for beating dry skin this winter? Methods to alleviate stress after festive shopping? Micro-workouts between shopping trips? Whatever it may be, use your social media hashtag to brand this content and include your business’s name and the products you use. 


Rev Up Your Email Marketing

Cell phones with holiday-themed marketing emails against holiday backgroundWe know you’ve been building your email lists throughout the year, and the winter season is the perfect time to cash out on the work you’ve put in. Vagaro customers have automated email marketing tools which can help them advertise exclusive offers, holiday service & retail packages, upcoming events and announcements to subscribers. 

Keep in mind what time of year it is, and try to mix promotional emails with seasonal well wishes. Let your subscribers know how grateful you are for their business and support. According to data from Invesp, a consulting firm that focuses on conversion rates, existing customers spend 31% more than new ones on average and are 50% more likely to try new products and services. Reward that loyalty with consideration, gratitude and a great sale. 


Deploy Timely Text Marketing  

One-third of all online shopping purchases were made through mobile devices in the UK in 2019, with sales values predicted to reach over the £100 billion mark by 2024. Optimising your website for mobile and reaching shoppers through an automatic text message marketing campaign should be a vital part of your marketing plan.

SMS messages boast a higher open rate than email. When combined with your email campaign, they can also increase the chance that your messages sent over the festive season are read. In fact, customers are 5x more likely to read and engage with your multi-channel campaigns after being sent text messages!  

What kinds of SMS texts can you send?vagaro-salon-holiday-guide-text marketing

  • Promo codes
  • Exclusive offers
  • Sale notifications
  • Empty cart notifications
  • Low-stock alerts
  • Event invites
  • Contest & giveaways notifications. 

As with social media events and email campaigns, timing matters. When and how often you send your texts can be the difference between receiving warm patronage or Scrooge-like disdain from subscribers.  


Woman Holding Holiday-Themed Gift Card in SalonGet Those Seasonal Gift Cards Ready

Gift cards are a tried-and-true way for businesses of all kinds to boost seasonal sales, bring in new clients and generate additional revenue.

Vagaro customers can create fun, customisable gift cards and digital gift certificates that really stand out. These are perfect for people who put their shopping off until the last minute, or aren’t the most creative gift givers. Ideas for gift cards are near endless. A few simple ideas include: 

  • Buy-one, get-one free (BOGO) gift cards 
  • Discounted gift cards (pay £30 for a £50 gift card) 
  • Bonus gift cards that round up (pay for a £50 gift card and get a separate £10 gift card for free) 
  • Build a set of 3 cards and give away one for free

Be sure to clearly advertise gift cards and gift certificates on your Vagaro online store and promote them on your digital channels. 


Run Festive Flash Sales 

Flash sales are effective because they use a time-sensitive window. After all, no one wants to miss a great deal. Flash sales can last a few hours, a day, or even an entire weekend. Vagaro customers can use the Daily Deals feature to execute effective flash sales.

Announcing a flash deal at the last minute can urge customers to act. About a week before, start teasing in-store, on social media and/or through email and text messaging that something special is coming. Encourage followers to keep an eye out for updates. 


Coordinating a cohesive festive marketing plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though you should get started right away. Vagaro customers have all the creativity and tools they need at their disposal to make their winter season profitable.  Extensive planning for the holidays requires a checklist. As it happens, we’ve got one for you below! Good luck and seasons greetings!Holiday Marketing Checklist Holiday Messaging Checklist