Are you looking for a boost in booking? Have you noticed you’re not getting as much traffic to your profile or business lately? It could be because you haven’t yet fully utilized all the awesome Vagaro features to their fullest potential.   

As for the newcomers of the Vagaro platform, follow these helpful tips to ensure you get your profile off to a running start and keep your business growing!  

Check out these six Vagaro pro tips that are guaranteed to get you more attention and traffic to your site.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t Go Without a Logo  

Example of a logo designed by VagaroThink of your logo as your calling card to the world. It’s important because it grabs attention, reveals your identity, sets you apart from competitors and facilitates brand loyalty.   

As a customer of Vagaro, you have access to our Get Featured option that provides guidelines on how to successfully market your business, as well as the dos & don’ts of uploading your logo. 

Vagaro’s professional in-house designers can also create a custom logo that sets you apart from your competitors and elevates your brand! If you’re interested in purchasing a custom logo for your business, you can do so here. 

Pro Tip 2: Tell Your Story 

Vagaro's webpage builder


In this digital era, it’s hard to make personal connections. Including a short bio in your profile helps to humanize your business and provide a sense of trust to your customers. Your bio also gives your clients a better idea of your personality and what your specific skill set is. This of course builds trust and confidence in your provided services. 

Having a website is another great way to enhance your presence, and Vagaro offers an easy-to-use page builder for only $10 a month! This can be found under the marketing tab at your site. 

 Pro Tip 3: Be a Showoff 

Upload images to your business profile


Your online profile is your chance to create a lasting visual memory for your audience. Photos are a great way to showcase your product and help clients visualize what services you offer, which in turn can create an emotional attachment.  

When adding photos, be sure to use high-resolution pics that don’t have a cluttered background. Do not use collage photos, and don’t falsely advertise – use your own work! Also, when uploading your pictures, give each photo a name a key word that describes the service or product. This will optimize your images and provide an advantage in search ranking.  

Pro Tip 4: What Time Are You Open? 

Let customers know your hours of operationYou want to make booking an appointment as easy as possible for your customers, so make sure you include your hours of operation. Including business hours provides a sense of confidence to your clients and gives them the chance to accurately visualize where a visit to your business fits in with their schedule. 

Also, if you have multiple business locations, having your business hours on display will allow customers to book at the right location, leading to more customer satisfaction.  

Additionally, make sure you specify holiday hours. Customers will appreciate this, and it could increase your odds of getting booked when other businesses may be closed.  

Pro Tip 5: How Do You Rank? 

Customer reviews add credibility to your businessCustomer rankings are now one of the most influential methods used to determine whether a service is viable. Reviews have the power to strengthen a business’s reputation and credibility, as well as provide customer reassurance.  

Vagaro makes getting customer reviews easy by prompting clients to leave a review immediately after checkout. Customers are then rewarded points that can be used towards deals and discounts. 

Displaying customer reviews is, in essence, free marketing for your business that provides a positive image and continual brand awareness that will benefit your business in the short and long term. 

Pro Tip 6: Integrations Are Your Friend  

Vagaro offers many integrations that can help drive bookings to your businessVagaro allows your online business to integrate with other digital platforms to increase your reach, booking potential and revenue. We offer seamless integrations at little to no cost with Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and more!  

With each integration a link is provided. It’s important that you monitor your integration links so that there is no breakdown in information or customer interaction. For example, if you integrate your account with Instagram, be sure to test the link out periodically to guarantee it directs your clients to your scheduling page and not to another business. 

Vagaro wants to keep your business growing and enhancing your online profile will do just that. Utilizing all the features we offer will propel your business to the next level. Adding simple elements such as a logo, images, a bio and customer reviews are just a few ways to increase your views and get booked. 

P.S. If you’re willing to learn more about this topic and hear directly from the experts themselves, make sure to check out the Iconic Conference hosted by Vagaro in September 2022.