For med spa owners, “marketing” may not be a well-liked word. It can seem like a nebulous thing that’s just another chore you need to take care of to open your business. However, as the med spa industry grows, it’s important to invest time into your marketing strategy so you can continue to thrive even as more competitors pop up. But if you’re focused on providing high-quality treatments for clients, how can you take the time to learn the ins & outs of marketing? 


Don’t worry—you don’t have to learn everything about marketing to be successful. All you need to know are the basics of these eight proven methods that will help increase the visibility of your med spa. Read on for the best tips for driving business through effective marketing! 

Get on social media 

Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools available– and it’s completely free!  

With social media, you can connect with existing & potential clients. You can respond to questions and comments quickly while providing clients with invaluable information they need to decide to book with you.  

Being active on social media is attractive to clients because they’ll get a sense of your business before they ever walk through your doors. Since there are different platforms, you can choose the ones that allow you to showcase your skills best.  

When you position yourself as an expert in your industry, people are more likely to trust you. And because you’ll be performing minor medical procedures, you want to build as much trust as possible ahead of time. 

Have an informative website  

Everyone is online, searching for anything and everything. If someone searches for your med spa and comes across a disorganized or confusing website, they’ll likely hit the back button quickly. You only have 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention before they leave your site and decide to try elsewhere. With clients unafraid to judge your business by your website, it must be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.  

Perform some keyword research to help with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps boost visibility by ranking your website for certain keywords. This leads to an increase in appointments & new business as more people will find your med spa business.  

Vital website should have includes your location, hours & contact method. If you want to make booking as easy as possible, make sure you have a booking widget as a Call to Action (CTA) on applicable landing pages. Or include information on how clients can book an appointment with you.  

Pro tip: With a booking widget, like the one from Vagaro, clients can schedule with you, even while you’re off the clock. This is a great way to fill your calendar and maximize the number of appointments made! 

Decide on your branding 

Recognizable brands are more likely to be frequented by clients. Set yourself up for success by deciding on your logo, color scheme & brand persona. Then, use these aspects of your branding consistently to increase brand awareness.  

Don’t decide to change your logo unless a lot of thought has gone into it. If you change your logo, potential clients (or even existing ones) may not recognize who you are. This could be bad for your business as clients may believe you’ve moved or closed without notice. As you grow your business, stay consistent to help attract and build your clientele. 

Consider using email & text marketing 

Want to connect with existing clients quickly? Eager to bring back clients may be lost? Invest some time into email & text marketing. Through these mediums, you can run limited-time promotions to reward clients. You may also consider running unique campaigns, such as a back-to-school special or a holiday sale.  

With email marketing, you can send a newsletter to update clients on any business changes and offer tips & tricks between appointments. This keeps your clientele engaged, builds client relationships and ensures your business stays top of mind.

Attend networking events & connect with the community 

Browse local newspapers or websites to learn about community events. You may consider using Facebook to search for & find events where you can promote your business. Getting involved in the community is a great way to spread the word about your med spa while meeting potential clients. This is also a great chance to network with local industry professionals.  

Don’t limit yourself to the med spa or wellness-specific events. Is there a weekly farmer’s market where you can set up an informational booth? Try it out! Have business cards with your logo and contact info so you can be easily contacted by prospective leads. If possible, offer something of value, like a guide to an at-home facial. Local events allow you to connect with potential clients close to your business who could quickly become loyal, paying customers. 

Ask for reviews and testimonials 

Think about the last time you decided to try a new pizza place or a new yoga studio. More than likely, you read some reviews before making a decisiona. Potential clients are more likely to book with your med spa if they see positive online reviews from existing clients. 

Not sure how to get your customers to write a review? Just ask! A happy client is likely to leave a positive review. You may also consider incentivizing by offering a token of appreciation, like a small discount on a service. 

If you do receive a negative review, reply professionally and with grace. Potential clients will be more likely to trust you if you can admit your faults and work with an unhappy customer to find a solution instead of becoming accusatory or defensive. 

Post before & after pictures 

One of the med spa industry’s most effective marketing tools is the ability to post before & after pictures. Because most procedures alter or enhance someone’s natural features, it’s best to show how a service looks on an actual client. Avoid using photos of professional models. This will deter people, potentially disappoint them later on, and earn you a reputation for being less than credible. No one wants that.   

Instead, post actual clients. Any curious potential clients will see themselves in real people and see how your service could benefit them. For example, post a picture of a client before they begin Botox treatments. Then, in subsequent posts, show how their target area changes over time.  

Of course, you need to have any client sign a waiver whose pictures you’ll be sharing in order to get permission to use their likeness. It’s also the descent thing to do, so have your customer easily fill out a waiver using Vagaro’s customizable forms.

Host events at your med spa 

If you want to build a reputation in your local community, put on fun events! Consider holding an open house-style event to show off what your med spa offers while making the experience fun & inviting. Be sure to have food, drinks & music. Invite local competitors to network. Get attendee contact information so you can follow up after the event.  

Aside from an open house, you may consider hosting classes or information sessions for people in the community. These classes could educate people on what services you offer and how to avoid misleading offers.  

A popular event some people have are Botox parties. However, many experts advise against these as these typically involve amateurs injecting their friends with Botox that may or may not be Botox. Consider hosting a professional Botox party or offering this as a service. With your expertise (and license to perform the injections) you can generate extra revenue quickly and may even bring in new business. Depending on your state, you can offer your services at a client’s home or from your med spa

Establish a rewards program for loyal clients  

A loyalty program is a great way to encourage customers to return to your business to earn points or rewards. For example, you could have a loyalty program that rewards customers who come back five times with a discounted product purchase of their choice. 

You may also consider a referral program to bring in new patients while rewarding existing ones. This can boost your word-of-mouth referrals

Build a Better Med Spa Marketing Plan with Vagaro  

Marketing is a worthwhile endeavor that will reap great rewards for your med spa. But if you’re just starting, you may not know where to begin. Let Vagaro help. With marketing tools like email & text marketing, you’ll be able to connect with clients quickly. Our free wellness Marketplace increases the number of people who will see your business. You’ll increase bookings quickly.  

Looking to solidify your brand? We got you! Our design team can create a Branded App so your clients can book with you directly. Upgrade your marketing and get your med spa on the map when you choose Vagaro today.