Who We’re Talking To 

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Kim Trentham 

Bella Lash Certified, Royal Lash Certified, Borboletta Certified and four-time Russian Volume Certification, Lashbox La Mega Volume Certified 

Lash artist at Glitter KC Lash Studio in Kansas City, MO

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Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1989 and am passionate about keeping up with industry trends, health and safety and making my clients feel and look their best! We offer premium luxury lash extensions,  lash lifts, tinting, facial waxing, lash training and lash artist mentorship.

Did you re-open your business right away when the governor announced the lift, or did you wait it out?

Yes, I opened the first day we were allowed. My clients and I were ready!

How long has your business been open? 

We have been open since May 6th, and I have worked every day since. I am working longer days; I’m even working on my days off to get everyone back in so they can enjoy a new set of lashes. I’m working longer hours because each client now takes twice the booking time. This gives me enough time for a spaced and staggered schedule to follow our new safety measures. Each appointment is extended by 15 minutes.

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What did you do to prepare for re-opening your business? 

I started off by buying masks on Walmart’s website, but shipping was ridiculous, and the masks were very expensive. We had to go through many sources to get everything we needed prior to opening. I recommend getting two or more months’ worth of PPE [Personal Protective Equipment.] Also, I found that Rejuvenate™, a peroxide-based disinfectant, is much easier to find than Barbicide®, so I recommend purchasing that to sanitize surfaces. We also stripped down our luxurious beds and replaced them with a vinyl black waxing pad that’s easy to disinfect between services.

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Are you implementing any measures that go above and beyond state regulations? 

Yes, we are using UV sanitizer and high heat sanitizer which heats up to 250° to sanitize soft items such as lash palettes and masks. We already had these tools in-house, but it wasn’t required. Now, we are going above and beyond making  the UV sanitizer and high heat sanitizer accessible to all our employees and implementing that as a safety protocol. We want to set an example for our employees, so we bought supplies for everyone, even booth renters. It is important to set the example in a business – you either have to meet or exceed the standard.

How are you handling re-booking?

I have mostly standing appointments, so I reserved times based on their regular appointment availability.

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What are some steps you are taking to ensure clients they will be protected from risk of infection?

We ensure that clients are protected from any risk from the moment they step into our business to the moment they leave. Our customers text us when they arrive, and we meet them at the door. We have implemented a “no shoes” policy so we ask that they take off their shoes and we provide them with clean socks. They will wash their hands and sanitize and change into a fresh mask. We also require our clients to sign a waiver with a clean pen. Once the service is done, we direct them to a touchless payment, and they are escorted out the building for a contactless exit. I wear an N-95 mask, a face shield, and sanitize all tools and room per usual state board. I also take extra steps for the customer, such as talking to them about the sanitizing steps I am taking instead of small talk and sending infographics to clients prior to their appointment so that they are at ease the whole time.

Did you adjust pricing when you re-opened? 

Yes, we increased prices for new customers. Current clients will keep the same price until October 2020. I learned right away that If you have an established clientele, discounts are not necessary. None of my clients expected a discount and tips have been amazing. They truly feel for what we have been through. My clients already trusted me to have the highest standards, so they were absolutely ready to trust me to keep them as safe as possible.

What Vagaro features are you currently using to help with reopening?

Forms! Reopening is full of a million things and forms makes it one less thing to worry about. We also rely on email and text marketing more than ever, not only to market our business, but to communicate with our customers. We also sold more gift certificates during this time, more than ever before!

What is one main take away that you want to share with other lash artists? 

We’re all in different boats facing the same storm. Everyone is coming from a different experience, fear, or confidence level. Think of your client as someone close to you – how would you want them to feel? How would you take care of them? It’s not a chore, it’s a gift you give to them. And convey that their safety is your priority. If I can make you have the best day in 7 weeks, then that’s the best feeling in the world. Cheapest therapy you’ll ever get!

What would you consider to be your best reopening investment that you would recommend to other business owners?

Take the time to do it right and your clients will take care of you the way you’re taking care of them.



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