Who We’re Talking To

head shot of owner

Blythe Potter, Co-Owner of  Bargersville Wellness in Bargersville, IN

Esthetician, massage therapist, yoga teacher

front window of business

Tell us a little bit about your business.

We have a little bit of everything. We’re a salon, spa and also have yoga classes.

Did you re-open your business right away when the governor announced the lift, or did you wait it out? 

Yes, we reopened when we were legally allowed.

sign that says stop please call business before entering

How did you prepare for reopening your business?  

We did a lot! We bought reusable face masks for staff, two per person, and for clients in case they forget to wear their own. We also purchased face shields for shampooing and facials, hand sanitizer, two touchless thermometers, and extra alcohol to wipe down surfaces. We also started locking the door and implemented a call ahead policy as well as a COVID-19 visitor screening survey. We do not allow more than 15 total people in the building at once and we stagger our staff, so clients have extra space. We also use UV lights to sanitize surfaces between clients as well!

What Vagaro features are you currently using to help with your reopening? 

We did a lot of communication with our personal phones before, but after reopening we shifted to booking only through Vagaro. We’ve also been loving the text marketing feature. Lots of our clients have been responding well and we really saw the utility of it, so we decided to keep the feature even after our reopening. We’ve been using the forms feature to create waivers, visitor screening surveys, which we use for our employees as well [Laughs.] even my husband uses the form feature for his firm!

a woman wearing a mask braiding customers hair

What was it like on the first day you reopened? 

A little chaotic with the new procedures, but the first week went really well and all of our clients have been very supportive!

Are you implementing extra sanitation measures beyond your normal cleaning routine? 

We definitely clean the keyboard and phones more often. We even use UV light to clean surfaces.

woman taking the temperature of a customer

What would you consider to be your best reopening investment that you would recommend to other business owners? 

More staff, we needed more hands-on deck to support our new standards like locking the doors and documenting temperatures and sanitation checks. As for products I would recommend touchless infrared thermometers, air purifiers, face shields, sanitizable PPE, and though they’re hard to find, masks. We bought our reusable masks locally.

woman wearing a mask working with customer to dye their hair

What is one main take away that you want to share with other service providers? 

Allow your staff, colleagues, and clients to make the decision whether or not to come in. This is a really hard time for people on the business side because there’s a fear of losing clients and staff. Autonomy is important. Letting people make their own choices helps people clarify what they want to do.

signs above merchandise that says to ask for assistance

Any more tips you want to share with the Vagaro community? 

Be thorough! Lay out your new protocols on your website and social pages, you can check out ours for inspiration.

I noticed something very unique on your protocol sheet along the lines of “This will affect Larry, he will still receive his banana every day.” What’s the story behind that? 

Larry is a 65-year-old man who lives in a special needs home within walking distance of our studio. Larry visits all the businesses and likes to get cokes from the coke machine. Every day Larry stops by our studio to get a banana. Unfortunately, Larry can’t come in anymore, but we leave his bananas on a bench outside for him.