Alexis Madayag is traveling around the United States meeting Vagaro business owners and learning about the ways they support the unique needs of the individuals they serve. Alexis is deaf and doesn’t let that get in her way of living life to the fullest. In this segment of Alexis on The Road, she met the folks at 5606 Nail Spa in Washington, D.C.

Alexis On The Road

5606 Nail Spa is a wellness and beauty business in Washington, D.C. The studio is a cute, cozy space with a rainbow of colors to choose from on the walls. I made an appointment on the Vagaro app for a manicure with a custom design, and mentioned in the notes what it was that I wanted. I went with a blue flame motif and also took the opportunity to note that I am deaf.

I arrived at 5606 and was greeted by Tris Le, owner of the salon. After welcoming me in, she had me wash my hands, which told me that cleanliness is key to this business. After taking a comfy seat, Tris asked me to show her a picture of the exact design I wanted, and then proceeded to give me shape options for my nails. I chose a small almond-shaped acrylic, and we were on our way!

Tris brought my vision to life beautifully and really captured the style I was going for. She truly made my nails look fire! I enjoyed watching her focus on the details and making sure it looked perfect. The customer service was sweet & efficient, and I ended up leaving with exactly what I came for. And, as we all know, that is half the win with nail appointments!

I sent Tris some follow-up questions regarding her business views, and this is what she said:

Inside 5606 Nail SpaIs there anything you do differently than other businesses like yours?

I specialize in acrylic design. I take my time and put in the necessary effort to get the job done right, which does make me different than others who may rush through. I never stop updating my industry knowledge.

How does Vagaro help your business operate efficiently and grow?

Using the Vagaro website helps me to focus on my work and save time. I get to engage with every single client when they’re here for their appointment. Vagaro has given me back what I needed most: My time.

Has the pandemic changed the way you think about the services you provide your customers?

The pandemic helped me to realize my value. I have a lot to offer, so I never go low and try to take clients from other shops. If they love my work, they’ll keep coming back.

Any advice you would offer other business owners who are just getting started?

My advice for the new starter: It’s always rough when we first start, but don’t give up. Keep it up and stay committed to your passion. You will reach success soon.