Alexis Madayag is traveling around the United States meeting Vagaro business owners and learning about the ways they support the unique needs of the individuals they serve. Alexis is deaf and doesn’t let that get in her way of living life to the fullest. In this segment of Alexis on The Road, she met the folks at Luxe Beauty Bar in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Alexis On The Road
Alexis On The Road

Luxe Beauty Bar is a women-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly business in the wellness and beauty industry. Their service list includes skincare, massages, waxing, eyelash extensions & lash tinting, body contouring, teeth whitening and fitness training. I chose this business because I wanted to get a one-hour hot stone massage to help reduce pain and tension throughout, especially from all my traveling lately. I took the Metro train to Silver Spring, Maryland from Washington D.C., and Luxe Beauty Bar was about a four-minute walk from the station. It was super convenient that the salon was so close to the Metro! It’s a nice area, surrounded by many restaurants, coffee shops and stores. 

The owner, Erica Sagastizado, warmly welcomed me at the front desk and was all prepared to communicate through written word and gestures. She led me through the spa to meet my massage therapist, Margaret Wilmot-Francis. Margaret made sure that I was comfortable, provided me with a cold drink and instructed me to lie down with my chest on the massage table. She covered me with a cozy blanket, and I instantly started to relax. 

My massage experience with Margaret was incredible. She began by massaging my neck, working all the way down to my feet. My back was especially stiff; she used the hot stones gently and followed with hot towels on my back to help my nerves, calming and releasing stress as she went. 

The final part of the massage was focused on my feet and calves, which was so soothing as I love to walk everywhere! I fell asleep during the service because Margaret’s technique was so relaxing, and I finally felt relief from my aches and pains! Margaret was a wonderful communicator throughout the whole service, using helpful gestures and writing notes. When my service was finished, Erica offered me options and recommendations for future services. I will absolutely be back for waxing, skin care and more hot stone massages! 

Their services on the Vagaro app were clear, as were details about everything I wanted to know regarding the business, from consultations to working hours. I sent owner Erica a few questions via email, and she was kind enough to give me these thoughtful answers:

Luxe Beauty Bar is a women-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly business in the wellness and beauty industry.What was your inspiration when starting your business?  

My inspiration was actually my needs and wants. Personally, I always wanted to go to one place and get everything done from my lashes to a Brazilian, a facial, a body contouring session, and a massage. Luxe Beauty Bar is exactly that—a one-stop place to get everything you need.

How does your business support the unique needs of different individuals? Is there anything you do differently than other businesses like yours?  

At Luxe Beauty Bar, we try our best to ensure all customers feel comfortable with not just my team, but our services as well. We are also LGBTQ+ friendly, and welcome everyone as they are. :)  

How does Vagaro help your business operate efficiently and grow?  

Vagaro has helped with marketing, and really streamlined payments for our contractors. The built-in reports really help with looking at projected numbers, inventory maintenance and keeping track of my business trends. 

Has the pandemic changed the way you think about the services you provide your customers?  

Not really. Aside from our estheticians and massage therapists having to now use gloves and face shields and taking client temps, as advised by CDC, I think our approach is exactly the same. 

A treatment room at Luxe Beauty BarWhat makes your business different from the others? How do you stand out?  

We are a day spa with a variety of services in one central location, allowing anyone to get any treatment they need. We are not your traditional day spa. We also offer beauty services such as lash extensions, non-invasive body contouring, facial skin tightening treatments, waxing and teeth whitening. 

Any advice you would offer other business owners who are just getting started?  

The only advice I have is, “Don’t give up!” It’s a full-time job and you might shed a tear, feel down, get overwhelmed, but overall, it will be worth it in the end.