Did You Know…?


  • The average American spends more than two hours every day on their mobile device

  • This year alone, there’s been a 69% increase in the screen time spent with mobile apps

  • Consumers engage with an average of 9 apps daily, and over 30 apps every month

  • Expert research projects that by 2021, app downloads will reach upwards of $353 billion globally


If you think branded apps are just for large-scale, national businesses, think again! More small and mid-level businesses are making the leap and investing in a branded app. Branded mobile apps build loyalty and foster long-term relationships with your established clientele. They additionally boost brand visibility and recognition while encouraging your repeat customers to remain loyal. Here are five reasons to scale up and take your business to the next level with a branded app!

1. Stand Out in a Crowd!

These days, it’s tough to stand out in a crowd, whether you’re vying for your customer’s attention online or offline. A website alone isn’t enough to make it in a competitive market, since that’s the new standard. In  fact, studies show 68% of mobile users report they primarily engage with brands through mobile apps. To raise the bar and break away from the packed market, you’ve got to differentiate your business. Because branded apps are still relatively rare for smaller businesses, having one gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and really stand out!

2. Stay Visible to Your Clients and Build Your Brand

Because modern consumers shop for local services online, chances are, your business is listed on several channels. While multiple listings make you discoverable, the flipside is an increasing difficulty standing out. Branded apps empower you to present your services and products more persuasively. Users will think of your business every time they see your brand icon their home screen. But the greatest advantage is having the user’s undivided attention. That means every in-app action is a chance to foster a relationship with your clients, thus building your brand.

3. Get More Customer Engagement

Mobile device users are already accustomed to downloading an app to unlock exclusive features, discounts, content, or benefits. That’s great news for you! Offering a convenient way to access your services, online store, and loyalty program is a great way to get your customers to download your app. But the keystone of its success is your ability to engage with customers in a way that builds their relationship with your brand.

4. Market Directly

Think of the internet as a loud party where you’re trying to have a conversation with a customer. A branded app takes you to a quieter room of the party, where instead of shouting words that get lost in noise of the party, they can hear what you’re saying.  Equally, you can focus on the conversation and listen to what your customer is telling you, too. With a branded app, you cut down on the “internet noise” and are better able to message directly to customers with a open line of communication. Easier really is more effective!

5. Boost Loyalty

The greatest advantage of branded app is its intrinsic loyalty-building potential. With a branded app, you treat customers to the concierge experience, making every guest feel like a VIP. With an app that lets them navigate different aspects of your business and manage their customer profile, you strengthen their brand affinity. Additionally, apps connect the digital realm to the real world where you serve customers. This gives you the opportunity to connect with clients, focusing on retention, loyalty, and the ongoing value of their business.

Grab customers’ attention with a branded app! Don’t miss the opportunity to attract new clients, and then have a direct channel of engagement with them!

Header Image: Mia Montemayor via Vagaro

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