Unlike choosing a brush for your own personal use, when selecting brushes for your salon, things get a little trickier. After all, you don’t have to just worry about one type of hair or styling needs any longer, but countless variations of both. Thankfully, by choosing a few of the following brushes either individually or in set form, you will create a good set of tools you can utilize to make your clients feel amazing and look even better:

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Best Professional Styling Brushes & Sets Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ionic Round Thermal Brushes

According to Hot Hair Brush Reviews, this set of round brushes is the ideal for any stylist. You will love the grip on these brushes as they are ergonomically designed, making it less likely for you to develop that pesky wrist ache after a particularly strenuous blow out or style. You will love that this brush glides effortlessly through hair without snagging or causing static. The brushes’ constructions make them wonderful at heat conduction, which of course means your beautiful curls will stay put. It also means your client’s hair will dry faster. These round brushes, which pump up the volume, are ideal for blow outs or curls, making them ideal for event stylists. However, they are wonderful tools to have at your disposal as a stylist even if you only need to perform a regular cut and style. Keep in mind, there is no paddle or any other type of brush in this set, only round brushes.

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AVEDA Wooden Paddle Brush

Speaking of paddle brushes, this Aveda Wooden paddle brush, recommended by Total Beauty, is well worth adding to your brush collection. Reviewers say it is ideal for detangling and especially great for clients with curly or textured hair. This brush is also designed to limit the stress extended to your client’s scalp and hair during the process of blow drying. Use this primarily to get your clients’ hair prepped for their finish style.

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The Lily England Rose Gold Brush Set

This set gives you three different brushes, which provide you with a variety of possibilities when it comes to styling hair. The barrel brush, with ceramic construction, helps you boost up your client’s volume and is great at heat conduction, making it ideal for blow outs or updos. The vented brush in this set helps you dry your client’s hair faster and keeps hair locked in place for hours. You also get a paddle brush which is noted by Hot Air Brush Reviews as being ideal for regular styling, straightening or curling.

Choose any of the above sets or individual brushes to improve your arsenal or tools and better serve your client’s stylistic needs and preferences.

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