Father’s Day is a time-honored US tradition, celebrated continuously in June since 1910. Every year, the holiday gains momentum and spending power, fueled by spouses, children, and loved ones of the fathers that help to shape us. Thus, Father’s Day presents us with an opportunity to boost sales in a traditionally slower season for the fitness and beauty industries.  

Father’s Day Spending Trends

Research indicates 19% of shoppers look for personal care/grooming gifts, to the tune of $862 million! In fact, 75% of Americans celebrate Father’s Day, with modern spending trends showing a push towards eCommerce for Father’s Day. National Retail Federation studies show recent Father’s Day sales highs ranging from $12.5 billion$15.5 billion, with average Father’s Day shoppers spending upwards of $140. Industry research further shows that businesses implementing promotions in their Father’s Day marketing (push notifications, texts, emails, etc.) often see up to a 70% increase in sales.  

Give Dads the Gift of Beauty & Fitness

This is great news for salon and fitness professionals! Your industry is poised to provide shoppers with a singular gift to honor the dads in their lives. Spending patterns demonstrate Father’s Day shoppers want unique gifts to help dads relax and care for themselves. Your services and products are what many Father’s Day shoppers actively seek out. Instead of dad-focused marketing, the ideal audience for your Father’s Day campaigns are the people looking to honor and celebrate the dads, stepdads, grandfathers and male role models who act as father figures. Reach these people through savvy marketing and messaging.  

Here’s how you can help them find you, and market directly to them!  

Create Your Own Gift-Giving Guide

More shoppers than ever before are using the internet to get ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Can they find your  business? Vagaro’s Online Shopping Cart enables you to sell products (and gift certificates, another Father’s Day heavy-hitter!) online. But did you know that this feature can be customized to create a dedicated “Father’s Day section” of your online storefront, with just a few simple clicks?  

Sort through your inventory and arrange the online product display order to feature the best Father’s Day gifts your salon, barber shop, or fitness center has to offer. You’ll increase your ability to make more sales and keep your business top-of-mind. Whenever clients use the product, they’ll immediately think of your business. Even better: they’ll know exactly who to turn to when they need to replenish.  

Pro Tip: To increase your online store visibility to search engines, don’t forget to tag items such as beard oil, grooming tools, and pomades with “Great for Father’s Day!” in the product description. You can also add a “Father’s Day Gifts” header to your online store for greater search engine optimization.  

Create Dad-Centered Sales & Daily Deals

Sale discounts, Daily Deals, promo codes, & BOGO offers are all proven ways to boost revenue anytime of year. This is especially true in the crucial 2 weeks leading up to Father’s Day, when shoppers realize the clock is ticking! Vagaro Marketing tools make these offers incredibly easy to create. Another built-in advantage is that you can customize how long you’ll keep offers active. You’ll also be able to track the revenue and success of the campaign through your Email Analytics, so you’ll be armed with information for future campaigns. Here are some ideas for salon, spa, and fitness professionals to boost Father’s Day revenue via discounts and deals.

Bright Ideas
  • Celebrate Dad All Week/Month. Why limit the celebration to just one day, when your dad is important 365 days a year? Throughout June, take 15% off dad’s next service with promo code DAD15. 
  • Your Dad Said to Tell You He Doesn’t Need More Neckties! This year give dad a gift he’ll remember with a 3-month membership to our fitness studio. Family packages are also available, so don’t wait—this offer is only available until June 15! 
  • Give Dad a Treat (And Then Tag Along!) It’s Father’s Day, and tagging along for whatever dad’s doing is one of the most wonderful parts of the father-child bond. This year, treat dad to a hot-stone massage. But since we know that you want to do whatever dad’s doing, take advantage of our BOGO Father’s Day special, and give dad the gift of some 1–on-1 time together. 
  • Show Dad the Sun Rises & Sets with Him. For Father’s Day, give dad something different with Flamingo Yoga’s Family Sunrise Special! This easy, family-friendly workshop is the perfect way to spend families some quality time together and start Saturdays off right. Offer valid through June 30, applicable for July/August workshops. 

Pro Tip: Create ‘bounce back’ offers that encourage loyalty and repeat business with an incentive to return. After all, you want first-time client dads to become return-client dads! An easy way to do this is after completion of the service, offer Father’s Day service recipients a discount code for a return visit in July or August, as we demonstrate in the Sunrise Yoga example above. 


Package It Up!

Remember, service packages are a unique gift that can really tap into a dad’s personality, and service packages do double-duty in that most beauty and fitness services help dads relax or take care of themselves, two of the top things Father’s Day shoppers are seeking out! 

Bright Ideas
  • Get Dad Beach-Ready! Summer’s here and the dads are at the beach! Make sure your dad looks his best when he hits the sand with our Father’s Day mani/pedi & wax package. 
  • De-Stress Dad for Father’s Day! Through June 15, Flamingo Day Spa will be offering a stress-buster package, perfect for your stressed-out Daddy-O! Purchase by June 15 to treat dad to a 1-hour deep-tissue massage and soothing facial, for just $100! 
  • Les Mills Wants to Spend Some Time with Your Dad. For Father’s Day, give dad the gift of group fitness! If your dad loves to bust stress by working up a good sweat, we’ve got the perfect gift for you! This Les Mills package will get your dad weekly entry into any Les Mills class offered by Flamingo Fitness. Let dad call the shots—from Bodycombat to CXWORX™, he’s sure to find his new favorite!

Pro Tip: Because a service isn’t a physical item, when you create a service package, try including a tangible product complementing the service that can be wrapped up and given to dads. For example, if you’re selling a package of spin classes, consider including a water bottle branded with your fitness center logo to complement the service gift certificate. 

Use Dad-Driven Data

Vagaro’s Email Marketing tool has email templates you can use to create, target, promote, and track your Father’s Day specials. The easiest way to create a marketing email campaign that works is to use targeting to zoom in on the people who are most likely to act on what you’re offering. While for Father’s Day, you might naturally think, “dads,” but your real target audience are their spouses, kids, and families! Once you’ve created the Father’s Day specials you want to offer, you can either select the email recipients from your client database, or you can create a filter to target specific shared criteria.

Pro Tip: You get more opens on an email campaign with a great subject line. Instead of the generic “Happy Father’s Day” messaging, try something silly, funny, or whimsical. Dad-jokes, for once, are highly encouraged! Here’s an example: SUBJ: Dad Jokes—We’ve Got ‘Em, and a Gift for Dad, Too! (Just don’t forget to include a dad joke in the email.)

Are you a dad in the biz, or did a father figure play a part in how you found your calling? Tell us about it! We’d love to see all the dads we help make more time and money, and to hear about the fathers who made you the people you are today. Happy Father’s Day, from the Dads of Vagaro to you & yours!

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