For make-up artists, your October schedule may be full of new clients, surprises, and challenges. Many clients book appointments looking for specific, advanced looks for Halloween. You may find yourself replicating Frankenstein’s monster or a vampire with one set of clients, then moving on to creating an alien or a hyper-realistic zombie look straight out of The Walking Dead with your next clients.

As your bookings fill up through October and you’re challenged to raise the level of your work, you may find yourself wondering what life would be like if everyday your book presented you with the opportunity to elevate your craft. What you experience as a MUA in October is a taste of the everyday life of a special effects makeup artist (also called SFX artists, or SFX MUAs.) If you’re interested in branching out and turning your special Halloween skills into your daily routine, read on and learn what steps you’ll need to take to become a certified SFX artist, and how Vagaro can help you in your new endeavor.

What Are the Licensing Requirements for SFX Makeup?

In general, the licensing requirements for freelance makeup artists aren’t quite as straightforward as they are in comparable beauty professions, such as cosmetology or nail art. Licensing and certification requirements vary by state, so always check your state of residence’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology licensing requirements. You may also be required to register as a freelance professional through your state’s department of business and professional regulation. In general, however, many of the services performed by SFX makeup artists have a minimum requirement of an esthetician’s license in most states.

What Do SFX Makeup Artists Do?

Every SFX training program has its own dedicated curriculum, requirements, and focuses, so use the resources linked below to explore the programs available to you before you decide on a course of action. Generally, SFX training programs focus on the skills which are used most often by SFX makeup artist in the field. Typical courses you’ll encounter in your training to be come an SFX makeup professional might include:

  • Basic makeup applications

  • Tools and materials of the trade

  • Airbrushing techniques

  • Wigs, beards and hair work

  • Creating facial constructions with makeup

  • Fabricating and using prosthetics, animatronics, and props

  • How lighting (film, television, arena, and theater) affects makeup application

  • Basic character design

  • Portfolio development to launch your career
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What Jobs Are Available for SFX Artists?

There’s a long list of ways that you can leverage your training as an SFX artist. And if you think you have to relocate to Tinseltown to break into the biz, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There’s an increasing demand for skilled SFX makeup artists, prosthetics fabricators, and wig designers throughout the US, as more and more film and television production companies and studios move productions outside of Hollywood. There’s a wide range of opportunities to explore in your career as an SFX artist, from film and television to print media and stage work. You can also opt to become a studio fabricator, on-set wig designer, or to work in a design and fabrication company, special effects lab, prosthetic sculpting, or mold making studio. Besides film, television and HD makeup and prosthetics, SFX artists also work in related fields in print media and performance, such as photography, art installations, live performances (musical and theatrical), and high-fashion and editorial applications. When it comes to your career as a freelance SFX artist, the only limitations are your creativity and drive.

How Vagaro Helps Freelance SFX Artists Build Their Career

Once your professional skills are up to industry level and you’ve secured your state’s required licensing and registrations, it’s time to launch into your new career! Luckily for you, Vagaro’s software and payment processing tools make it easy to start your new vocation off on the right foot. You’ll have the ease of automation to manage everything from scheduling and client invoices to a competitive rate for credit card payment processing. And when it comes to help marketing your freelance services, you’ll have all the tools of the trade at your disposal: email marketing, text marketing, social media integrations, and the analytics to help you monitor your business wherever, whenever, and using any device. Whether you decide to stay close to your home base or take your business on the road, you can be certain that Vagaro will be there as you grow your business and scale up.

Digital Resources for SFX Makeup Training

Intrigued about taking your makeup artistry to new levels with special effects makeup training? Below, we’ve linked some of the most renowned schools offering coursework and certification in this industry. You’re just a few clicks away from elevating your career!

Whether you’re a makeup artist working in the traditional aesthetics industry or getting ready to launch your freelance career as an SFX makeup artist, Vagaro can help you stay on top of your business, grow your network, and bring in more clients. Try our software for a month for free, and see for yourself how much more money you can make with Vagaro!

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